WWE spoil their own return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. When you log in to the WWE App you currently see this..

  2. Guess that answers that question. :pity:
  3. Can't wait for Taker to return. :happy:
  4. Lol wow.
  5. Like it wasn't obvious anyway.

    I remember the time they spoiled that Bryan was making a surprise return at Summerslam 2010 before the PPV aired.
  6. Did they? How?
  7. It's stupid for them to do it, but I think everyone knows he is returning tonight anyway.
    They have been spoiling a lot of events lately, ADR winning the Wh title in SD taping was also spoiled by WWE.com.
  8. Said he had returned to the WWE on their website before it was actually revealed on the PPV.
  9. Trying to out smark the dirt sheets? Perhaps they figure if fans are going to find out the net anyway, it might as well come from them. In an attempt to get fans to come to them for info instead of the dirt sheet websites.
  10. Should they start posting everything on their website that the dirt sheets just happen to get right? They're called the dirt sheets for a reason - because they talk a lot of gossip and shit so much of the time.

    I still don't believe to this day Bryan was ever actually fired. I think it was a ruse just to trick people (the casual fans end up surprised that a guy the Nexus fired on-screen returned to compete against them and they have a little fun getting the internet crowd worked up as a result as well.)
  11. Lol Kevin, the ultimate conspiracy theorist.
  12. Just an assumption, we all know WWE tends to do things that are a bit illogical. Or its a big swerve :russo: and Taker won't show up at all.
  13. It could be that they're teasing his return to try to draw more viewers tonight. Although personally I would think with it being "Old School" Raw people would tune in anyway, as well as because so many people seem to think it's common sense that Taker would be there.
  14. lol Maybe but it's obviously true to me. Perfectly easy for me to conceive WWE doing something like this. I said it before he came back that he'll be back in no time and people on another forum thought I was weird for saying it but I ended up being right.
  15. UNDERTAKER RETURN TO BUFFALO, NY! Last time i got to see him live was the Great American Bash of 2005! THIS IS GOING TO FUCKIN EPIC!
  16. Fucking ruined what I was going to post -.-

  17. Lol, Bryan was actually fired dude.
  18. If you say so.
  19. Because of the backlash WWE had by many fans, and its superstars. It was said that stars like Cena, Orton, Punk and other top names were furious too. The whole locker room and millions of fans wanting D-Bry to return was just an obvious opportunity to create a mark-out-moment which would make Vince money. I don't buy into your conspiracy theory.
  20. Meh. I don't buy into your easy assumptions, especially since I called it being a work immediately after he was fired, and then shocker, he came back. The one guy who's one of the biggest Indy heroes and a guy who's an internet darling (even stated by The Miz on the show) just happens to be the guy who gets 'fired' for trying to get his segment over during a Nexus attack but then brought back because of the negative reaction. It seems plausible that WWE would work people for fun just to get a reaction out of both casuals and smarks.

    It's more plausible than you let on.
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