WrestleMania WWE Spoiler: Possible Stipulation for Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar Revealed

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Mar 16, 2013.

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  2. Good, I'm glad we'll be seeing it in this type of match!
  3. Ace.

    When it was announced, it was the first that came to mind tbh.
  4. What about the MMA stuff ? :downer:
  5. We could see that one coming, but I prefer and inferno match =(
  6. Yawn. I know there is about six months in between Mania & Hell In A Cell, but if they're so adamant on having a yearly Hell In A Cell match at Mania I'd wish they'd use that as an excuse to get rid of the PPV. I've despised that PPV since its conception. At this point, it's pretty damn hard to get me excited for a Hell In A Cell match unless it's one that falls under the category of "dream match."

    Also, Brock is an idiot in this scenario in my eyes. Choosing what is perhaps the gimmick match that Trips has found the most success in. He only lost three of his nine bouts, and in one of those bouts he didn't even take the fall. I understand Brock's logic here would be, "Trips lost to Taker in a Cell last year, but I've beaten Taker in a Cell before; therefore I can beat Trips in one," but that thinking is way too primitive in my opinion to hold much of any kind of merit to it. I think the wisest choice for Lesnar (speaking purely from a kayfabe perspective) would actually be a submission match. I mean, he broke Trips arm with the Kimura Lock, he made him tap at SummerSlam with the Kimura Lock, and while Trips has several submissions holds he is definitely not an expert so it would work well for Brock. Plus, you still have the no holds barred environment to support the match. I'd gladly take a submission match over a Hell In A Cell match here.
  7. Meltzer reported that it's been nixed. I know people here love to mock Meltzer but he's right a lot of times with stuff like this.

    I love the MMA idea, but it's better for a match later on down the road since it could potentially draw in a lot of interest from non-wrestling fans when that time comes, whereas there's already enough interest in Wrestlemania from those types of people as it is.

    Hell In A Cell is alright by me. I could have done with just another non-sanctioned match, but since Heyman already hyped getting to name a special stipulation, it has to be something that takes their rematch to a higher level than their first.
  8. Brock can't pick a submission match.......

    I can see the headline now

    WWE mocks UFC by having a pro wrestler beat former UFC heavyweight champion in a MMA type submission match.....
  9. We since 1 last year at WM29! For this match that should a cage match but in UFC Rules of the only win is by Tap out or KO! no pin and no epcages! To give there wrestling match a mma fiely to it!
  10. Bra and panties match
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  11. A submission match in WWE does not equate to an MMA type bout. I've yet to see an MMA bout that was similar to Bret vs. Austin at Mania 13. Granted I don't really watch MMA a lot, but if they are like that, I need to start.
  12. That is actually good reason for WWE to go ahead and do this. I'm sure Vince would love to "bury" UFC/MMA.
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