WWE star blames fans for not enjoying the PPV

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog entry at his official website JrsBarBQ.com, looking at last night's Hell in A Cell PPV.
    Ross called the show a "moderate success" and regarding Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, wrote:

    Ryback also wasn't thrilled about the online feedback to last night's PPV, writing:
    Fully agree with JR. The match was nowhere near as good as matches they've had before. I was really excited for this match and it was such a let down IMO. Hopefully they have a better plan for it tonight because it was such an anti-climatic finish. Orton needed to win because Bryan as champ. doesn't have much ATM, but there surely is other ways they could have done it... Ryback, well :lol1:
  2. Lmfao Ryback relating displeasure for a wwe event, to being miserable with life from being fat. :idk:
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  3. Threads already made
  4. Heels heelin' it up, news at 10.
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  5. JR gives valid and respectful opinions while Ryback is just an arrogant tangerine. He needs to get his temper under control.
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  6. JR's blog was spot-on. I had a similar feeling. I thought the match was good, but I wanted it to be great. The build-up for it was great. HHH and HBK being involved was great. But the match was just good.

    Ryback, however....I'm pretty sure that was in-character.

  7. if you don't like this shitty stale product you are overweight!
  8. But if you're overweight, wouldn't any product do?
  9. JR's report really hit the nail on the head.

    As for Ryback,he has like no heel material. All he does is pull the fat card,shit is week.
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