WWE Star Pushing New Character On YouTube

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 1, 2012.

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  2. Yeah I read about this a few hours ago, Don't know what their planning on getting out of it to be honest. No a fan of Bateman.
  3. 1) I love him, this gimmick would be perfect. Cena was endorsing it recently iirc.
    2) That video is horribly offensive and the majority of it wouldn't be used on television, and rightly so.
    3) Push this guy, he's too good to be left off the roster.
  4. I mark for The USA guy.
  5. Great stuff..

    Bateman is awesome, I saw an article with him in USA colors in WWE Magazine. Perfect so lets do it.


    A hint in NXT?

  6. Hahaha that's pretty funny. Bateman will be awesome in this role, hopefully they'll let him continue to actually be entertaining instead of turn into a complete idiot.

    Love to see the USA Guy and the All American American in a tag team.
  7. USA Guy vs Antoni Cesaro.
  8. This video confuses me :/
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