WWE Star Strongly Considering Retirement, WrestleMania Angle?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. :sad:
  2. Would mark so hard for a Sexual Chocolate run. Guess a heel run would be more sensible though :okay:
  3. I like Henry, he was a brilliant monster heel last year. Will be sad when he retires, wonder what he'll do after retirement?
  4. 1. Where is mark?

    2.What is he hoping to achieve at wm 29?

    3.why is he turning down offers?
  5. 1. Healing from Injury

    2. A final match

    3. He's aging
  6. yh but his final match whats left for him

    he cant have a title match
    and undertaker has already beat him
  7. Ofc he can have a title match.

    Mark Henry dominant heel run, have Ryback challenge him at Wrestlemania. Henry will need to go over everyone for it to be legitimate though. I'm talking about owning Sheamus, Orton, everyone.
  8. :sad: Well, he'll have to retire sooner or later. I don't want him to go now, but if that's what's best for him, alright. I'd like to see him have another big heel run and put someone over in the end though.
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