WWE Stars React To Taker Return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Orton/Taker? Surely not.
  2. What is orton even doing right now? Orton can put on a great match with taker, especially if he goes heelzilla.
  3. Orton/Taker would feel soo random. But then again, everything Orton does these days does.
  4. Eh whatever, nothing else for Orton to do. Whatever prevents Twice in a Lifetime is fine with me
  5. All SmackDown stars commenting on SmackDown Live Event, yet in RAW Section?
  6. Re: RE: WWE Stars React To Taker Return

    Point to you.

    But.... But.... You know, all of them be on raw every Monday. So yeah, its okay....

    ~Three Said That~
  7. The Undertaker vs Randy Orton is pretty good. It'll make sense as CM Punk can be involved with John Cena and The Rock, while this may not be what many want, it'll be a way to remove the concept of twice in a lifetime.

    I don't mind either way.
  8. I don't really see the issue tbh, 'Taker will end up on Raw instead of Smackdown anyway.
  9. Taker/Orton


  10. Taker/Orton? Nah, I don't see it.
  11. Can't really see it either, but yeah, it gives Orton something to do, since it looks like he has nothing at the moment. But I really cannot see a tweet like that really initiating or hinting at anything.
  12. What Orton said in no way teases a match between the two. Orton was obviously just making a joke because Taker's a legend and he used to be the Legend Killer. I seriously doubt Undertaker would have returned this year just to randomly face a guy he's beaten already and who isn't exactly the most motivated guy on the roster these days.
  13. inb4 Legend Killer comes back and kills off Taker, HHH, and Rock :jeritroll:
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  14. Pretty much this
  15. If Taker does WM this year, any match is going to feel random because of his late return. I don't mind anyone fighting him, as long as its a good match and he don't kill him self doing it.
  16. oh snap. That'd be sick.
  17. I'd be all for a heel Orton vs Taker match. Orton as a heel is one of the best in the business.
  18. Am I the only one who wants to see it?
    Just think of it guys, such feud will hopefully turn Orton Heel, something that we all want to see.
    Plus, many of us were afraid that it Taker returns , that means that he will take n punk and therefore the "twice in a lifetime" ,match will actually happen, we won't even ave to woory about this anymore if this is true since Punk will be free to participate in the WWE Championship match.
  19. This. I sincerely hope he comes out alright. :urm:
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