WWE Stars Worried

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  1. It's said that there are definitely wrestlers backstage who are concerned about their spot with WWE since officials have been introducing so many new characters from NXT such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Big E Langston and Brad Maddox. Bryan Alvarez speculates that we may not see any roster cuts until the spring.

  2. Good. They should always be worried about losing their jobs. Fear is the best motivator.
  3. Fire Khali and Hornswoggle first
  4. I agree with Dolph's fear is a big motivator and it will encourage a stronger work ethic.
  5. The only people in danger of losing their spot or being fired are the kind of people they aren't doing much with anyway, or the kind of people who will almost certainly never rise above the spot that they're in already (Kofi, R-Truth, etc.)
  6. $5 bucks says JTG gets released before spring
  7. JTG,Khali,Hornswoggle,Curt Hawkins,Tensai will probably be released


    I don't think Kofi and R-Truth will be going anywhere
  8. LOL Dean Ambrose deserves to be in the main roster more than almost all of the main roster...

    They don't like Ambrose being elevated to the main roster, then maybe they should worry first about working on their wrestling and MIC skills in order to reach half of the mic skills of Ambrose..
  9. VKM won't release Khali, because he loves freak shows. He's a carny at heart, and will hold on to that walking borefest forever.
  10. Also he is a huge draw in India which is huge financially for the wwe to keep that country's interest. Similar to how big Yao Ming was for the NBA and china.
  11. Makes sense. There's a few low carders who are sitting around doing nothing, so they should be released if they don't step it up or something.
  12. Didn't mean to imply they were, just using them as an example of people who will never rise above the spot they're in. A better example of someone in danger of being released though would be the likes of Tensai.
  13. At least Yao could play.
  14. Spring is always where they cut the roster, so this is probably just garbage reporting.
  15. Seems to me like they have two years-worth of cuts to make in 2013, since IIRC they didn't make cuts in 2012 because they didn't want to look like heartless goons while Linda was on the Senate campaign trail.
  16. So they should be worried they clearly didnt step up so WWE have brought up new talent
  17. Re: RE: WWE Stars Worried

    I think even the E forgot he exists that's the only reason I have for him not being fired years ago.

  18. How can anyone 'step it up' though?

    They get given an allotted time slot and a template to work their match around, plus a script for their promos. Not like they can go out there and shoot on the mic before doing a 720* splash, thats Teddy Hart shit.
  19. To best honset I don't see why current WWE superstars should be worry. The new talent still has to deal with WWE Creative team and Vince. o.o
  20. Crime Time? Cryme Tyme? :urm: The Black Stereotype team shouldn't have been broken up. Why WWE continues to break up set up tag teams is beyond me. They were good together and fairly over. They could have easily feuded with the Usos, PTP, or Primo/Epico.
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