WWE Still Doing Ryback vs CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 9, 2012.

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  2. Meh, cool I guess
  3. WWE should've used this opportunity not to make the match because they always struggle to come up with a finish, but let's see how it goes.
  4. The Rock will have some part to play in that match. I wonder if he'll cost Ryback the title, so that he can face Punk at the Rumble.
  5. Ryback needs to fuck off hes had enough chances. CM Punk should be resting and concentrating on his match against Dwayne at Royal Rumble
  6. I wonder how this one will end? I mean, Ryback failing to capture the belt three times in a row is gonna make people more and more stop caring. I predict he'll get screwed without there being a full length match (maybe Punk gets himself DQed as soon as the bell rings?) so that a one-on-one match would feel fresher between them, should it happen at Wrestlemania. (Ryback would go on to win the Rumble after getting screwed out of this match.)
  7. I'm still waiting for Undertaker, the Rock and Brock to make their appearances.
    I wonder how they will incorporate them into basic story lines...
  8. :idontcare:
  9. I thought that I read that Punk was going to wrestle at the PPV? I guess tomorrow night we will find out for sure.
  10. He wants to wrestle at TLC, reports say he is ready....
    But they don't want to take the risk of making him step in the ring after the surgery...
  11. He keeps getting shots because he isn't losing clean...

  12. Rumor on when Ryback is getting his title match

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  13. RE: Rumor on when Ryback is getting his title match

  14. RE: Rumor on when Ryback is getting his title match

    Raw's 20th anniversary huh. Very nice. Looking forward to what ending they're going to come up with.
  15. Merged the threads. No need for two threads on this.
  16. This
  17. Re: RE: Rumor on when Ryback is getting his title match

    Wrestling is real kids
  18. I'm pretty stunned that they are giving us the first proper match between Ryback and Punk on free television, even if it is the 20th anniversary edition. It's unusual to see WWE's number 2/3 face take on their number 1 heel for the first time on free tele, but whatever, not complaining lol.
  19. Kinda want to see someone different. But I'm hoping to at least see a legit finish sometime here. It's getting odd to have Ryback get title shot after title shot, even if it's because he's getting screwed over and over.
  20. Not sure if posted but I've just seen that it'll be on the 20 year celebration show.
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