WWE stock price lowest since 2003

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  1. Could this shake things up backstage, trying to make the company more profitable again?
  2. They'll probably put the belt on Cena again -_- It's a fool proof plan, right guys?
  3. They'll mess it up worse somehow they don't attribute actual wrestling to profit despite that being what ppl want!
  4. But, Cena winning the belt is what made the stock price drop! It's the fans completely rejecting the push and the WWE Machine being so egotistical to continue to get it to work that's turning the fans away!

    (Expect it by Summerslam)

    The title says yes... but the audio says shit...
  5. Like I said fans are clued up now and want wrestling not the sorry excuse watered down bull crap they give us each week!

    Why promote stars with quality move sets only to go sorry u can't do this or that no more?
  6. Actual wrestling has never been what the majority wants tbh, that's why Sports Entertainment is king. People don't want to see wrestlers, well the majority don't. The problem is with the rise of competition firstly during their timeslot and MMA allowing people to get a similar buzz they used to get from wrestling. They need more gimmicks imo, too many guys are playing themselves without the volume.
  7. I dunno ppl I know not disagreeing Seabs but fans I know who loved it and now don't want wrestling and fewer gimmicks.
  8. A 90's era gimmick just debuted, Tensai, and it isn't getting over at all.
    Look at it from the most basic perspective: If a fan sits down to watch Raw, will he/she be entertained for 2 hours?
  9. Brodus got over very quickly though, so it does seem to be very hit and miss. I agree the show needs to be more entertaining but not to us to the masses, we as an IWC collective don't contribute enough to a viewership to be really thought of.
  10. With Draine here the older fans are losing interest but what WWE fail to realise is that if we don't care then our kids don't so no profits in the future.

    They used to appeal to both gens with gimmicks we could watch and good matches and wrestling now we have what?

    Arsey gimmicks fart jokes? PLEASE I watch South Park for that. We have some poor gimmics Santino and Brodus being the two that pull it off just. But all the wrestling is watered down yet need not be as PG could get away with more watch a PG film.
  11. There are so many different kinds of wrestling fans though... The kids, the ladies, the casuals, the people who watch frequently but aren't as "hardcore" as us on these forums, and the ones who discuss it all the time here on the internet. Is it even possible to every demographic?

    A chaotic tag match is entertaining to most fans. so is a longer, really dramatic match, or an entertaining character (see Brodus Clay) A shocking moment that we'll remember forever will bring the fans back for more. A heated feud or storyline cliffhanger will make you tune in next week. Finding ways to help get people over wouldn't hurt either.
  12. Belt will go to Cena/Brock/Rock or they'll shake things up, most probably the first. Real gimmicks are what's needed, even TNA have more interesting gimmicks.
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  13. They need some decent wrestling one as segments can be boring but if I know I'm gonna get a decent match next I'm in.

    Two gimmicks do work as they keep the kids involved and Brodus and Santino are two that appease us yet the kids.

    Three fueds seriously these are quite non existent to a good level

    Four storlines ties into feuds

    Five Divas a good womens division gives a kid a piss break yet a true fan a chance to see female wrestling

    Six Tag Teams Where do I start on that one

    Seven Merch Has to appeal to old and young so bits of both.

    Eight get crowds stoked to be there.

    Nine Cut down ur PPV's build feuds and make a loss for a year then build it on merch and the fact u can promote more stars.

    Ten Cena is not god u don't need just one man SCSA, Rock, HHH were all kinda the WWE at the same time so why just Cena?
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  14. Yeah, they've got to get their act together. They have a talented roster atm but are not handling it very well.
  15. True that as i say something big needs to happen! that shakes the entire face of the wwe so much unused talent even on NXT and Superstars and FCW Jeez if i was in FCW I'd walk thinking I'd never make it as nothing happens.
  16. Yeah. Just so many people misused, they're occasionally going to be pissed.
  17. Precisely look at Gabriel recently had a few appearances then had Hornswaggle faffing about with him and it's just stupid no need as guy is a good high flier which we need.
  18. Imagine if WWE dramatically changed next week, WWE purchases TNA, TNA invasion angle, TV-14, Attitude Era vs New Era, they put new era over, BAM. Not sure if I'd mark or claim that Russo is back :russo:
  19. I'd mark least I wouldn't see SSDD!
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