WWE stops contract negotiations with Jericho

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 4, 2012.

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  2. why stopping it what is the best jericho ????
  3. The best for Jericho in my opinion would be to let him have full control of what he does outside of wrestling. Vince McMahon seems to disagree.
  4. I don't even know what that means..

    Jericho is an asset to WWE. Vince should, by now, have faith the Jericho knows what he's doing, can manage his life in and out of the ring and won't just up and leave if the time isn't right for him to do so.

  5. I don't think Vince has ever really trusted Jericho. And Jericho is one of the guys he could definitely put his trust in. Instead he put his trust in guys like Luger, who jumped to WCW in a span of 24 hours.
  6. So they let the legit BITW go. #WWELOGIC
  7. He'll be back.
  8. Not like they need him... WWE has plenty of star powe---

  9. Yeah, great decision, let the best all rounder in wrestling today leave the show. Nice going WWE.
  10. Tell me about it. Well, too bad we're not getting Jericho. Not really surprised though, unless Vince controls the wrestlers' lives (and then forgets who they are, their storylines and etc so he can fap over his Cena merch money), he won't hire them. It's very rare that someone has a deal like that, and even though Jericho is one of the guys who could work like that and it'd be good for both parties, it's WWE.
  11. I'm at the point with Jericho where I think it's time for him to have one more match and then leave. He has other things he wants to do and he only is getting older, so he'll start to slow down. I'd rather have Jericho have one more match while he's still got some grip on wrestling, than him having an extended career and slowly losing it.

    Jericho vs DB WM 30
  12. Jericho's return was really underwhelming, I like that he's trying to put the young guys over but it's not as credible when you lose pretty much every single match and then leave again
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  13. I still think he should've won EC. Or the Rumble. But the one match I wanted him to lose, he won (although that did stop my naked chest from being on the Internet). :upset:
  14. I used to think he should have won the Rumble, but given that I was tired of Rumble winners losing at WM (and I was sure he wasn't winning at WM), I was somewhat glad he lost. But Sheamus was still a boring winner so maybe he should have won after all.

    Anyway, I really don't care if Jericho returns or stays retired at this point. I'm a big fan but I can watch his old stuff if I wanna see him. His latest run sucked and there's no one nowadays (besides Daniel Bryan maybe) than I wanna see him wrestle.
  15. Jericho doesnt need WWE but WWE need Jericho. Jericho should tell WWE where to go he is doing very well with his band so why bother going back to wrestling
  16. Actually they don't need either one of them.
    WWE just doesn't notice that.
  17. Ah dammit! He could work so damn well for putting people over.. Nice going, WWE. :upset:
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