Movies WWE Studios inks 6-Picture Deal with Lionsgate

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 22, 2014.

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  1. The first movie is "Vendetta" starring Big Show is done by the Soska Twins who were the directors of "See No Evil 2" Starring Kane and the 2013 version of American Mary.


    "Vendetta - written by Justin Shady, tracks a hard-nosed detective who deliberately commits a crime to get sent to prison, where he seeks vengeance on the crook serving a life sentence for murdering the detective’s wife. The WWE/Lionsgate “Action si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack” will serve as a platform for WWE Superstar wrestling personalities transitioning into acting while enlisting emerging filmmaking talent behind the camera."

    This is good news for the WWE as it will help them get a little extra cash flow for their promotion but also this will help WWE Studios who already had a pretty lengthy list of movies done going get even bigger and perhaps take off to the point of being one of the bigger studios in the game one day. Although I can definitely see them sticking to smaller lower budget films and trying to get a little profit as opposed to trying to make a blockbuster and it just completely flopping unfortunately I could see that happening more than I could see it succeeding in that case.

    PS) Didn't quite know whether to put this under General WWE or this section but I went hear because I felt it was the "safer" option haha.
  2. Out of the 27 films released with some kind of involvement by WWE Studios I've only liked 3 of them.

    Scorpion King - This is actually a Universal film but WWE has a producer credit.
    Walking Tall - Another film with a WWE producer credit.. but they played no real role in the film.
    Legendary - The only film fully funded by WWE Studios that I have enjoyed.

    With their track record so far, the lack of experience even after 10+ years in business, and the terrible acting skills of the wrestlers.. I just can't see WWE Studios ever being successful without partnering up with a real movie studio... I doubt that Lionsgate will help them much. Team up with Universal, Warner Brothers, or Dreamworks and then they will have something to look forward to.

    My opinion.
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  3. WWE Studios releases low-budget films that make profit (even if it is a small one) is the thing and if they release enough ones that will pull in those viewers then they will end up making their success slowly but surely in films done by smaller companies. You only partner with those companies if you want to make block busters and like I said I don't think that's what WWE is aiming for. At the rate they are going Lionsgate is the perfect partner because of this; "As of November 2013, it is the most commercially successful mini major film and television distribution company in North America and the seventh most profitable movie studio.." As long as they're making at least a few million in profit whether it be from ad revenue or ticket revenue it will be considered "successful" as far as making a little extra money for the company itself as a whole.
  4. As a horror fan Lionsgate is a good shout if they are going to produce a load of low budget horror imo. Plus if its half as decent as See No Evil it'll make money on the home market.
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  5. I imagine there will be tons of low budget horror and action films coming which will make them at least $2 million profit; that adds up to quite a bit extra cash to keep some minor cash flow outside of the actual events themselves for the promotion.
  6. Vince pissing away a couple more mil
  7. You'd think so but they've profited more than they've lost, granted not much more but "The Call" made them $55 million dollars of profit for the studios which accounts for more than their bigger losses combined.
  8. Yeah, I don't really know.
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