WWE Studios taking off?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. The Call was okay... but Legendary is my favorite WWE film so far... absolutely love that film!
  2. Huh, have to check that out, never seen it.
  3. I'm going to watch Oculus- it looks decent.
  4. Well it seems I read this wrong the first time, WWEStudios just picked up Oculus and will be distributing it. I thought it would have a WWE star in it at first. Still looks good though.

    Hornswaggle as the leprechaun in a reboot of the series? :facepalm:

  5. Most people won't even give this a shot because it has John Cena in it.... it's their loss.
  6. I never even HEARD of it lol
  7. Like SAW? I DO :yes:
  8. I controversially enjoyed Legendary as well to be honest.
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  9. Scandalous, tabernac
  10. Well now I HAVE to watch it
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  11. My taste in films aren't exactly legendary though (pun completely intended).
  12. No surprise dere, colis
  13. Off topic, but examples?
  14. Transformers.
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  15. Oh right. Psssh, I LOVE Transformers man. Maybe its because I'm a long time fan and I think Megan Fox is SUPER hot, but, you know.

    So when are the WWE Studio films coming to WWEN? (I need a :crossfingers: smiley lol)
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  16. Oculus looked and was completely horrendous, 1/2 out of 5 stars, bootlegging it honestly probably made it better..
  17. Oculus hits theaters on 4/11.... there are no bootlegs out yet... not exactly sure how anyone is commenting about how bad a film it is.. have you guys somehow seen it already? I visit a streaming site that gets all the movies as soon as they hit the web and it has zero links so far... so it's not out there yet.
  18. bootleg version of it's release at the Toronto Film Festival, there are bootlegs out just not streamable, I'd rip the one I have but the guy who gets me bootlegs would know if I uploaded it and never sell to me again.
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