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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by mark_htfc, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before, and if the title doesn't really explain the question.

    Since I've been on the forum I've seen articles posted that state wrestlers who are within the Florida Wrestling division who are close to being called up, or that they should be called up etc but I'm unsure how this all works really. All I've ever known is WWE(WWF) and not much else.

    So are things like Florida etc like a sub division for WWE, a place where they go to build up there skills before they enter WWE or not? Also, how many of these different divisions do they have?

    Sorry if it seems a daft question, but basically I'd like to know how everything works really, in regard to WWE, and how many other wrestling organisations they own etc.
  2. There's only one sub division: Florida Championship Wrestling. It's a subsidiary of WWE where wrestlers go to to work on their craft until WWE thinks they're ready to come to the main roster/main shows. So when they say Florida and all, it's because the name of their development territory is Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).
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  3. The best way to describe it is like a reserve team in footy. These are the guys you want to keep but aren't ready for the first team yet.
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  4. Cheers both, that certainly clears thing up for me, I assumed there was more than one division realy, with the likes of Lord Tensai etc (coming from Japan) but I was unsure how it all worked.

    So with Wrestlers coming from Britain, Italy and Mexico etc, how does the WWE go about scouting them?
  5. They usually send people to watch the odd show like Scouts, plus when they tour in those countries they have local guys compete at dark matches. For example Sheamus and Drew did some a few years back.
  6. Cheers Seabs, I really appreciate the education behind how it all works, certainly helped with you explaining it in football terms :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. At least now I'll be able to understand how everything works.

    On Leo's comment though about FCW being the only sub division, how come they only have one subdivision and not more? considering the size of the US.
  7. I guess they like to keep the guys in one place to help with morale and what not. Plus guys get used with working with certain guys.
  8. Also, you don't just have to be a new wrestler to be in there. Lots of very skilled wrestlers - better than the ones on the main roster - have been in FCW to learn the "WWE style". I advise you to watch the new NXT if you want to see some of those.
  9. Thanks for all of this, really is helping me understand more about it all.

    I guess the people they scout then go into the FCW then Crayo? before going straight into the WWE? I watched last week's NXT but haven't got round to watching this weeks yet, recorded in on Sky though so will probably watch it tomorrow. I guess that's what NXT basically is then? people who have come from FCW but are not quite ready for Raw or SD?
  10. Pretty much yeah. And yeah NXT is now pretty much FCW but pimped out. All the themes are similar to the older WWE where they were all pretty good. They've just revamped it and it's a good show if you're interested in the future of WWE. Sometimes it's not about being ready for RAW/SD, it's about WWE having something ready for them.

    An example is Dean Ambrose, one of the best mic workers in WWE atm, one of the best wrestlers too probably but he's only wrestling dark matches. He's more than ready they just don't have anything storyline was for him atm.
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