WWE suggests Rey retires

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 8, 2013.

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  2. I agree with wwe, Reys well being is more important and he is well past his prime. A great servant to wwe but its time for him to retire.
  3. Time to hang the boots up Rey.
  4. :Gtfo: Mysterio, time to put someone over and get your ass into the HoF where you belong.

    ETA: I mean Hunico.
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  5. We won't see him till around this time next year to set-up a retirement match.
  6. He sucks now anyway. Retire and you can take all the speed you want bro.
  7. He should go and retire. I doubt hardly anyone even notices that he's gone at all, which is a sign that his importance on the show has come and gone.
  8. He can even do a Piper and show up doped out of his mind for a one night return/reunion thing.
  9. I imagine he'll probably finish out his contract with less time in the ring, and then retire. There's no sense in banging up his body even more than it already is.
  10. All the best to him, but there really isn't any point in him continuing on as he's been trying to do. He might as well retire before he gets banged up even worse.
  11. Can't he just wrestle with one knee?
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Just a flesh wound.
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  14. ^This is why I love this woman. Not sure if love love but she's like the funny big sister I never had at least.
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  15. :yay: You got it!
  16. Awww, so sweet. Thank you, Stop. :otunga:
  17. I'm a man, but I love you too.

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    I actually know you were refering to GN, but fuck it
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  18. Dinner and a movie, then we'll talk.
  19. Chuck-E-Cheese and then:

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  20. He needs to hand them boots. He can't risk to get yet another injury. If he really cares about his health and his future, it is time for him to hang the boots and walk out a proud man. You got a family to support, Rey. Think about that.
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