Summerslam WWE Summerslam 2017 POSTER CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Enter your poster designs for a chance to win $1000 forum cash!
    Contest will be closed on August 19th and voting will begin.
    Winner will be announced the Wednesday after the PPV.
    - You can submit up to 3 posters
    - Must include PPV logo (find it below)
    - Include a name/title for each poster
    - They must be relevant to the PPV in some way
    - Make them sizable (nothing too small, nothing too big)
    - Use #PosterContest when submitting your poster

    For Renders...
    + Find PSD files here: Official PSDs | Your PSD Image Community
    + Or use Google Image Search and select "Transparent" under Tools - Color


    Three time winners of the contest will be awarded the "Artist Award" : [​IMG]
    Previous Winners:

    SWL - 1
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  2. Unlike the previous contest, be sure to include a title/name for your poster AND tag it with #PosterContest or it will not be entered!
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    Okay...this piece is called "A Cash In Odyssey"


    This one is titled "Hotter With Emma"


    And this one is Called "No More Broken Harts"

    #PosterContest for all 3...

    Okay...did I get all the details right?
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  4. Sure did :kitler:
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  5. this is my first entry for the #postercontest (and so snake can actually see it, I won't make it neat and tidy by putting it in a spoiler!)

    As you can see I have great Summerslam moments of the Savage/Elizabeth wedding, Shawn's return to fight HHH, the first TLC Tag Team Match and Orton cashing in on Daniel Bryan and the formation of the Authority. Then we have popular Brooklyn landmarks and finally, we have some of the major matches. I would like to call this "Brooklyn Memories" because that sounds cool
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  6. Nice!
  7. In my never-ending quest to put the midcard into the main event of my heart comes my first poster for this month


    The title for it (since it's gotta have one) is "Long Live The King because Neville is the king and yeah"

    #postercontest :emoji_wink:
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  8. [​IMG] this is my first entry.
    The name of the poster is 'the mastapiece'.
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  9., I prefer the one you did last month. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Fair play, I'm a lot more happy with how this one turned out than last months, more realized concept and whatnot
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    so I made this one in June thinking that the main event will be a one on one between Lesnar and Strowman. I'd like to name it:


    and now comes the new one I made for this contest specifically with the actual main event which I shall name "THE UNIVERSAL FATAL 4 WAY" #postercontest:

    & then I made a background out of it for shits and giggles (and I also wanted to hang it in a gallery):
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  12. [​IMG]
    This one is much better than the last one I did, I'd call it "Showdown in Brooklyn".

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  13. You forgot the summerslam logo tho lol
  14. upload_2017-8-6_18-12-6.png this is my second entry.
    The name of the poster is 'the mastapiece v2'.
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  15. Ay Mike going to beat those two gay posters all day long
  16. but not mine? awh, thanks frost. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Yours deserves to be displayed. Screw the Mona Lisa go to see the art created by Reag from that one wrestling forum that was in a WhatCulture video.
  18. Jesus Christ.
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  20. What's a good free program to make stuff like this in? Or alternatively, how do I get transparent backgrounds to work in Paint?