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  1. 2K and WWE are teaming up for a new collectible card game called WWE SuperCard, which is now available on the App Store as well as the Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

    Players have the ability to build teams of WWE Superstars, Divas, and Legends from more than 400 cards with seven different rarity levels. To collect more cards, players can win them in online matches or purchase individual card packs. 2K studio Cat Daddy Games will continue to expand the WWE SuperCard universe with regular roster updates.

    Superstars, tag teams, or five-person teams can be used online against other players while training, and combining cards awards level upgrades for cards. Users can also play through full seasons with “high levels of participation,” resulting in higher rankings and bigger rewards.

    WWE’s entry into the genre rides on the waves of Blizzard’s wildly popular card battling game Hearthstone.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You guys going to try it out?
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  2. Probably will, just for shits and gigs.
  3. Looks Hilarious. I'm so trying it out!
  4. Haha, my initial draw included the Miz and Khali. The game loves me already :lol1:
  5. Tis actually good....

    Here's recent team from An hour ago:

  6. Ive been playing this for the Last 2 hours it actually pretty fun
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  7. I have been playing this all day haha. It is pretty fun and I also have John Cena :emoji_slight_smile:

    I currently have 93 wins and 18 loses.
  8. Juan Cena keeps winning for me....
  9. Takers bossing it for me
  10. Just downloaded this morning and I am digging it. Well put together, easy to understand and play, graphics aren't super but you get the nice shots of the superstars on the cards. Good times.

    Seems like everything is doing one of these games lately. Tried a Star Wars one that was VERY similar in gameplay.
  11. Did not feel the same love for this as the rest of you. DELETED!
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  12. Eva Marie and vince mcmahon have to be the most OP in the game
  13. I got a rare Eva :fap:
  14. So your one of those people...

    how many super rares have you got I have 3 atm
  15. LOL, oh none. Just started today
  16. Oh lol there not easy to Get hold of I had 4 but got rid of one coz it weren't that good lol I've won 203 matches and lost 70ish so far
  17. Yeah my numbers are no where near that high lol
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  18. downloading it, this is gonna be fun
  19. This game is pretty addicting once you get used to it.
    181 - 1 currently.
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  20. How have you managed that lol
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