WWE Superstar Dealing With Injury?

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  2. OK Zeke, take as much time off as you need.
  3. Wonder if it's because..

    "Big Zeke aint' got no cuts"...."Big Zeke aint' got no cuts"...."Big Zeke aint' got no cuts"... :notsure:
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  5. He has not got no cuts. Poor Zeke :cry:
  6. Yeah... he has no wrestling skills either.
  7. So he's a coloured Mason Ryan?
  8. Yes.
  9. Fire his ass. DAMMIT!
  10. I don't think Linda wants them to do that.
  11. RACIST!

    Doubt the rumor is true, but w/e. Doesn't seem like they want to use the guy anyway :win:
  12. They've fired people since then haven't they? Alicia Fox's sister, Sofia Cortez (Spelling), A.W?
  13. Two of them were in development and AW was fired for trashing Linda, so I'm on the fence. But I think they're avoiding unnecessary firings, and they normally don't fire people while they're injured.
  14. Yeah I suppose that would look bad, don't worry though once Linda wins/Loses this campaign I full expect WWE to have a massive overhaul on their rosters.
  15. It'd be great if her stupid, useless senate runs didn't affect WWE, but oh well. Let's just wait until she wins/gives up as you said.
  16. The last ECW Champion.....
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    :upset: Would have preferred Regal or Christian.

    Either they should use him more or just drop him and bring in someone else who can wrestle, he's being completely useless right now, at least Tyson and Ryder wrestle.
  17. I heard reports they were going to push him to the ME or something after winning the IC but he screwed up backstage and was put in the dog house... one way or another I don't care about him.
  18. LOVE PTP
  19. Are you fucking serious? You just used the term 'colored' ?

  20. Yes.. yes I did. In England it's now deemed offensive to call someone black or brown therefore I called him coloured.
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