WWE Superstar rips on Sin Cara on twitter

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, May 19, 2013.

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  1. After this weeks match on WWE superstars Michaels McGillicutty took to twitter about his frustrations:


    He does have a point, Sin Cara hasnt had a good match in WWE yet and Michael losing to Cara is ridiculous!
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  2. How is that ridiculous in the slightest? Just because you think McGuillicutty is a good wrestler doesn't make a puny loss on Superstars/NXT ridiculous at all. What would McGuillicutty winning achieve? Did Sin Cara winning hurt McGuillicutty? No. McGuillicutty is just being sour because of his current status in the WWE, that's understandable, but you don't see Tyson Kidd throwing a fit towards a fellow wrestler just because he lost a match against him. In my opinion, this was highly unneeded by McGuillicutty. I do like him though, don't get me wrong, but it's too obvious that this was a stupid move by McGuillicutty and I won't be surprised to see him being released in the near future.
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  3. I have a feeling on who's next to be released. Time for Joe to go to Japan and get humble.
  4. Cara has proven himself to be a monster draw albeit in another country, McGulicutty is nothing but a decent performer with a strong surname. How the hell does this effect him unless he's kayfabbing in which case I could get behind it.
  5. Yes fire him, because WWE is wasting him. I don't want him to be wasted. I want him to go to TNA.
  6. You tell em Joe!
  7. And he is guaranteed success there how?
  8. He's a good wrestler and his pain is understood but he can't lose his patience, sometimes you've got to pay your dues 1st.
  9. Don't be a baby. Lots of people put people over, you're no exception Micheal.
  10. This could easily be kayfabe. Guys have stayed in character on Twitter before.

    I couldn't care less about either of them.
  11. Nope but probably he will get the chance that WWE didn't give to him.
  12. He'd be best of going to Japan. He'd be huge in Japan.
  13. As someone else said, this was pointless match, If it was a title match then sure I would help him beat he shit out of him. But hopefully Michael will not be remembered by his NXT/superstars career. I doubt he will ever be main event, I would say go to Japan or reinvent yourself at the Indy's.
  14. What do you mean chance? If he can't respect his co-workers at his workplace, why does he deserve to get a chance?
    I can understand why he is not happy about his position, but is it a valid reason to blast your co-worker?
    Plus, why does everyone assume TNA is a place where you are guaranteed a better place on the roster? I didn't see that happening to Dreamer.
    Not trying to sound like a douche, but you're still sort of markish.
  15. :lol1: Fucking awesome.
  16. Who wouldn't be huge in japan? Average male is like 5'2 there
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  17. :mog: A please where I can....b-be tall?!? :yay:
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  18. :lol1: made me giggle.

    This is blatant kayfabe, but if it's not, then who cares? WWE won't release him over this as it can easily be disguised as his character. Joe is a great talent and will do well in WWE's. I'm bored reading this "He can reinvent himself on the indies" - no, if he needs reinventing, he can do it in NXT. That's what it's for. It is WWE developmental brand.

    Joe has already produced some great segments and matches, and Sin Cara fucksucks. WWE know that, the fans know that, and it's only a matter of time before Sin is replaced as the replacement for Mysterio. Put Hunico in the mask and fire Sin Cara. Hey, maybe he can reinvent himself in Japan.
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  19. 1,) Fire Fat Cara
    2.) Give Joe HENNIG his fucking name back and let people know this talented mother fucker came from the ball sack of Mr. Fucking. Perfect.
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  20. The last comment was hilarious.
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