WWE Superstar Says He Wants The Undertaker At WrestleMania

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  1. :silva: hope this doesn't happen..
  2. If Sheamus breaks Undertaker's streak I'm jumping off a bridge.
  3. He's not my choice,however they could make a lot worse a decision. He'd put on a good match and even pushing Taker further helps cement him. I wouldn't oppose it.
  4. I will stop watching if the match happens, whether taker wins or loses
  5. ''I could be the first to ever do that."

    :haha: Wutcha smoking, boy?
  6. There is no way Sheamus is breaking the streak, and very little possibility that he's facing Undertaker at all. They want Sheamus to be their next John Cena and get the crowd behind him... Well, putting him in a match against Taker would only get him more boos. Putting him over Taker would probably turn the fans against him completely and permanently.

    There's also no way that Taker is losing the streak unless it happens after they make money off a Cena/Taker match, which has yet to happen.
  7. Lol this might be the thing to push me away from WWE completely. God even if he has a match with him I'll rage. Fuck Sheamful. Unless he's a heel.
  8. Hey Sheamus, I want to nail Velvet Sky.
  9. Are they together or something?
  10. No, I'm just dreaming of Velvet the same way he's dreaming of Taker.
  11. Oh now I feel slightly more retarded for not getting that.
  12. This cannot happen :bury1: !!!!!!!
  13. I wouldn't really like to see that. :urm:
  14. Sheamus vs taker for WHC ?
  15. Taker vs Kane pls ;o
  16. DB submitting Taker at WM. :win:
  17. I think I'd mark so so so hard but then feel upset.
  18. After seeing the reactions ITT I'm now rooting for Sheamus/Taker at WM next year.
  19. So you're at 98% now? :silva:
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