WWE Superstars fight through the pain

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  1. WWE Superstars fight through the pain


    The operation performed on Cena’s elbow, despite proving to be more complicated than at first believed, is actually common with professional athletes, and Dr. James Andrews is the best sports-related surgeon in the world. Yet that does not take away from the fact that for months, Cena competed injured. The Cenation Leader is known for his refusal to back down, and he fought through the injury for some time before finally agreeing to  the procedure.

    WWE Superstars are among the finest athletes in the world, but they are still human. Their hard work and dedication can sometimes take its toll, and in an environment filled with high-octane competition, injuries do occur. Some are minor while others are career-threatening, but even injured, WWE Superstars always try to battle through the pain … or, at the very least, finish their match.

    They try, but they don’t always succeed, especially when the injury is severe. At Survivor Series 2011, Sin Cara suffered a patella tendon rupture that resulted in his immediate removal from a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, and keeping him out of action for nearly six months.

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