WWE superstars in Japan.

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  1. Not sure of how much interest they'll be in this one but we'll give it a shot. Here are a few matches from well known WWE names under the puro style.

    Owen Hart vs Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit.)

    Owen Hart vs Ultimo Dragon

    Benoit vs Jericho

    Owen Hart vs Jushin Liger

    Chris Benoit (Pegasus Kid) vs Eddie Guerrero (Black Tiger Mask II)

    Just a few examples of people mainly known for the WWE style working a completely different style. If anyone has any other feel free to post them.
  2. I remember when I wrestled in Japan.

    Me vs Rick Steiner
  3. People need to watch Giant Bernard and Karl Anderson. They're pretty awesome in Japan. They wrestle mostly in tag team matches (as Bad Intentions), but they have some great singles bouts as well.
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  4. It's surprised me how much Bernard has improved. He never really impressed me as either A Train or Albert.
  5. Gianto Bernardo is a completely different guy in Japan, it's amazing how much he improved over there. He's probably the best giant in wrestling today. He's a great heel character too. And let's not forget the Machine Gun Anderson too.
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  6. Anyone got a YT link for Bernardo? I love to look at giants with proper wrestling ability.

  7. This is decent if I remember correctly.
  9. Thanks guys, will check those out now. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. dese guys suk
  11. Owen Hart, Benoit, Jericho & Guerrerro suck :O?
  12. I remember watching that Benoit/Jericho match when reading Jericho's book. One of my favorite matches of all time
  13. It was an amazing match. The Owen vs Benoit one was also amazing imo. It seems to be a forgotten gem. It's a big shame it didn't last longer tbh.