WWE Superstars Spoilers! 22/4/13

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Dark Match:​
    Zack Ryder Def. Heath Slater​
    WWE Superstars:​
    Jimmy Uso Def. Michael McGillicutty​
    Layla and Kaitlyn Def. Tamina and Aksana​
    God, Could this show be even worse!?!?!​

  2. Meh, it is Superstars.
  3. You forgot the 1,000,000 recaps that come with every piece of WWE Programming.
  4. This will be Match of the Year.
  5. I don't know, Jimmy Uso vs Michael McGillicutty looks pretty promising.
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  6. I genuinely didn't even know this show still existed.
  7. The dark match looks the best annoyingly, Ryder can work pretty well as can Slater. The divas sounds lulzworthy too.
  8. Except NXT. They only have one or two recaps per episode in the middle of the show.
  9. WTF happend to this show it used to be decent.
  10. >People complaining about Divas not getting enough time
    >Divas get some time and people complain
    :jbl: sounds like us Americans 1 year after we vote for a president.
  11. They've spread their roster too thin. They used to have talented jobbers having 4-star matches, now those guys are having to juggle Main Event, SMS, NXT...
    Still we can hope for more Tyson Kidd vs Hunico quality stuff.
  12. Yeah i agree there is too many wwe shows and certain shows like superstars suffer from it which is a shame as superstars always had quality matches.
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