WWE Superstars that should be pushed

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  1. IMO, superstars that should be given a push are Barrett, Riley, Cesaro, maybe Mason Ryan. Yes Barrett is the IC champion but during the past weeks, he just keeps on losing to the likes of the miz and del rio then got kicked in the nuts by triple h, then we have Riley who has the looks and charisma but somehow he's kinda green inside the ring, Cesaro is the US champ but he's jobbing to some guys, Mason can be the next batista, turn him into a heel and feud with ryback after his feud with henry.
  2. Im sorry but the only reason i think people are saying mason ryan could be the next batista is because he looks like him slightly. Ryan is nowhere as talented as batista and that's not saying much because batista wasn't all that great either.
    I agree with all your other picks though. Cesaro being an amazing wrestler, barrett being a great talker, and riley just having a little of both plus being over with the fans. I'd like to add ryder to the list just because he's over with the fans as well and he's a decent wrestler as well. Also a hunico push would be great, best luchador wrestler in wwe imo.
  3. Batista had a star feel to him, Mason Ryan has the presence of a cardboard cutout so I doubt that would work. I agree on the rest though, especially Barret but sadly they may have broken him beyond repair.
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  4. WWE dropped the ball on Barrett years ago, he was way over as a heel when he was feuding with cena
  5. Ryan no, he's awful. The other guys I agree with, especially Barrett. It should be considered a crime what they did to him.
  6. well atleast maybe they can make Mason a tag team specialist
  7. Having him work in a tag team with a guy who can carry the matches would be the best way to use him (given that they're bent on doing so), yes.
  8. maybe he can tag with Y2J or Christian
  9. A lot of the guys like Bourne, Gabriel, Hunico, Primo should have been but with no cruiserweight belt and the tag belts for upper midcarders and main eventers not involved in the ME plus the comedy teams like Sweet T they have no where to go in the slightest and job and/or are rarely seen.
  10. What they've done to Barrett and Riley should be a fireable offense, who knows how much money that's cost the company. Same thing with the Miz to an extent.

    Kofi, McGillicutty, Tyson when he's healthy, Daniel Bryan (whether or not you consider him a "comedy character" he can still be taken seriously)... There are so many guys heels on the roster who just feel second-rate right now, Rhodes, Sandow, Ziggler, etc. But they've gotta keep the superfaces happy...
  11. Tyson kidd,Hunico(different gimmick) and Bryan(should be in the main event)
  12. Ryan..:gusta:

    Riley, Kidd, Gabriel, Hennig, Slater, Rhodes, PTP and Bateman should get a decent push if you ask me.

    Guys who can be dropped down a little for me are: Sheamus, Show, Miz and Kane.
  13. Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kidd...Oh, and Kidd!
  14. Aj Lee and CM Punk. Punk should be in every segment dropping pipebombs and AJ should follow up by acting all CRAAAZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
  15. the ones who should be dropped down are sheamus, cena, orton getting tired of seeing these three in the picture
  16. Tyson is without a doubt no 1 for me. Hunico, Barrett, Cesaro and Sandow are also on my list.
  17. Cesaro must be pushed to the main event scene ASAP
  18. Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd, Dolph Ziggler (to a title), Hunico, Mason Ryan, Prime time Players and Alex Riley.
  19. Yea PTP is the team that I like the most currently in the WWE, they should be winning the titles from Team Hell No at WM.
  20. I think we have talked a lot of times about this :dawg:
    The guys are hilarious and good in the ring.Titus may carry Nick but its okay.I hope they are champs by NOC
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