WWE Superstars Twitter mentions.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Is it really a great feeling if a WWE superstar or famous actor mentions your name on Twitter? Do you find it a great moment once you see CM Punk has replied to one of your tweets? What do you think of this?

    My mentions from WWE workers:
    ONLY TWO!"#!"¤!"%¤!%&

    I'm so depressed...these aren't superstars but who am i to get mentions from WWE Superstars..it's a dream for me to get a reply from CM Punk so yes i think that mentions by popular people on Twitter have a great meaning.

    (P.S don't tell punk that i support the New York Yankees)

    Babye <3
  2. Quite good to get a reply from anyone. JR is very blunt on Twitter, makes me think he could be a bit of a douche irl.
  3. Yeah he's a fat douche IRL...
  4. How do you know? @[Zamorakian]
  5. His responses on twitter are a bit awkward and he's sometimes harsh like strong on his words...
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