WWE Superstars Who Need To Get A Push ASAP

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. This is a push thread. In my opinion, the NXT Superstars should get pushed to the top shows, the mid-carders should be at the top card, etc..

  2. :lol: Thanks
  3. Why isn't D. Young there?
  4. I thought I had him in, edited it! :emoji_wink:
  5. A tag team division with the Usos, Hunico & Camacho, Young & O'Neil, Reks & Hawkins, and maybe Kidd & Gabriel... :gusta:

    Miz, Ziggler and Rhodes should be main eventers by now. McIntyre and Riley jobbing on Superstars is a joke. Watson, DiBiase and Bateman are good faces, they could help the midcard as well.
  6. Exactly, such a shame to hold these guys back..
  7. While these guys are held back, Big Show is beating everyone up and Tensai went over Cena and Punk. :upset:
  8. Yeah man it's crazy.. If they are going on with this, I won't know how the roster will look like in 5 years..
  9. Tell me about it. We'll have an aging Cena as the lone star and Orton winning the World Title for the 40th time.
  10. :yes: Hey, WWE. Jose Tortilla just solved so many of your problems...

    All these guys deserve at least an opportunity, clearly, and it pains me to see each and every one of these guys being used (or unused) as badly as they are.
  11. True. Let's hope with the suspensions being thrown around and one extra hour on Raw, they realize they need to use these guys.
  12. What a bit of magic can do. :obama:
  13. isnt this basically the whole roster. lol :dawg:
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  14. Yea what's WWE thinking not simultaneously pushing these 20 guys? To the moon I say!
  15. At least a few of them should be pushed. :downer:
  16. Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.
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  17. Alex Riley should be intercontinental or US champion by now.
    Tyson Kidd should be chasing one of those titles right now.
    Cody should be chasing world titles.
    Ziggler should be chasing world titles.
    Drew should be a US or intercontinental title too by now.
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  18. 18 guys, actually.

    Hawkins, Reks, Young, O'Neil, the Uso's, Hunico, Camacho = Push them into the "Relevant tag-team" division that WWE needs to have.

    Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson = Maybe not a push, but at least use these guys for something.

    Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Miz = These three are the future, we all know this. And that future is coming awfully soon.

    Drew Mcintyre and Alex Riley = They should be as well, but WWE would rather punish them for frivolous shit and ruin their careers than actually use their talents. Repair their characters and at least make them the relevant mid-carders they oh-so-desperately need, if not more than that.

    Ted Dibiase: Just give this guy a chance. He was getting over in Legacy but they pissed it away. #wwelogic

    Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel = Either keep them in a tag team, or make more relevant mid carders. You can't go wrong either way, just use them.

    I don't think this is too much to ask, especially when there's only 5 guys on the main roster anyone gives half a fuck about, be it the casuals or the IWC, and so much filler in the product. Just do something productive instead of crap like a Kofi/Dolph match that does nothing for no one.
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