WWE Surveys Fans About Who Should Have Broken The Undertaker’s Streak?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Should of been New Jack.
  2. Brock Lesnar.
  3. No Bray Wyatt option? :dawg:
  4. why is damien sandow an option?
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  5. Out of all the names on that list, Roman Reigns. It would have been too early for him, but it would have been believable and also a probable way to have Ambrose and Rollins turn on him out of jealousy if they had wanted to take The Shield breakup in that direction. Bray Wyatt should have been an option in this poll, too (well, I guess technically he was, if you voted for 'Other'), even though I wouldn't have voted for him regardless. For some reason, "Bray Wyatt - Streak Killer" just doesn't feel right.

    If Randy Orton at this stage in his career was as young and motivated as he was back during Wrestlemania 21 (where he faced Taker) or 22 back when he was the "Legend Killer" and had his whole career ahead of him and had never faced Taker at a Mania ever before, then he would have been the absolute perfect choice. And just to do even more fantasy booking, if Goldberg had never existed in WCW (or in WWE in 2003-04) and was a new fresh face that had only debuted in WWE just recently with an undefeated streak of his own, and if we pretend that Goldberg is exactly the same as he was back then (same music, entrance, finishing moves, overness, crowd anticipation) and he faces off with Undertaker at Wrestlemania, that would have been epic and the perfect ideal scenario to see the streak come to an end.
  6. It had to be a heel. A full-time face like Reigns would get some huge negative reactions, if only because fans are expressing their anger at the WWE deciding to break the streak. Bray Wyatt would have been perfect really. He's 26 and could have gone 20-0 until someone beat him at Mania if they wanted to continue using the Streak idea.
  7. Other? That is just asking for troll questions. Wonder how many Santino responses they got
  8. I don't agree completely. A heel would definitely work better, but I also believe that a face who had big enough reactions and strong enough crowd support could end the streak without the fans turning on him. Look no further than the fans from last year chanting CM Punk's name along with Undertaker's to see what I mean. And that was when Punk was a heel.

    Yeah, some people in the crowd were displeased, but most of them were simply in a state of shock when it happened, not necessarily foaming at the mouth with anger. Hell, Paul Heyman is Brock's manager and cut a promo trying to feed off on as much hate and venom from the audience as possible, and yet he still got a face pop when he came out later in the night and introduced himself as Cesaro's new manager.

    (Not that I disagree that Reigns ending the streak now would have been a good idea, just saying.)
  9. You do realise Santino is a legit answer right?

    I would have had Orlando Jordan return and beat him honestly, get him over,and although he probably doesn't need it, he still deserves it.
  10. Fuck these guys, Jay Leno in 1998 was the biggest name in pro wrestling, should have broken it in 99.
  12. I assume Sandow won.

    I would've gone no one.
  13. Hypocrite
  14. OH HELL NO!
  15. no!
  16. Are you gay?
  17. Obviously Ron "Goddamn streak killa for life" Simmons.
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