News WWE Surveys Fans On 2014 Main Event Stars

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. From that list, I just hope Big Show and Del Rio don't do well. Funny that they include Fandango after burying him since his Wrestlemania win over Jericho. The Shield really deserve to do well after this year.
  2. I'm surprised Sandow made the list, I hope he did quite well. Also, I hope nobody said Show, or Orton, lol.
  3. I would have thought Orton and Cena would be top 2 due to the hype around Sunday's match and their history in WWE.
  4. Surprised at the lack of Big E. I guess he's in for a long IC title reign.
  5. Aww. Sucks that cody rhodes isn't up there...
  6. Roman Reigns
    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
    John Cena
    Bray Wyatt
    Mark Henry
    Sami Zayne
    Cody Rhodes
    Antonio Cesaro
    Big E (eventually)

    My personal preferences even though nobody cares or asked for my opinion
  7. ^ u forgot Goldy.
  8. Why would I want that old fuck main eventing? Its not 1996
  9. Goldy v Savio Vega = GOAT rivalry
  10. Goldust vs Razor
    Goldust vs Roddy Piper
    Goldust vs HHH

    so many good rivalries of his back in the day. But now? Seeing him in tag action is cool but not a singles push
  11. I agree but not when he went all super weird for the crazier s&m stuff he started to wear later on.
  12. I hope Orton got NO votes lol. From champion to nothing thats what he deserves. :henry:
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  13. I loved the feud in either late 97 or 98 when he was just Dustin Reynolds and he was a bible thumper (which made him heel during this time frame) and Val had stolen his wife and was the good guy porn star home wrecker.

    gotta love the AE
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  14. That was pretty awesome. He needed to make more promo porn vids though. When he beefed with ken shamrock and Val was hooking up with his sister Ryan. Saving Ryan's Privates made me lol
  15. Too funny. A bible thumping heel and a porno star, home wrecking face. Thats a simile for my reality if I ever heard one.
  16. Which were you?
  17. LOL, not me exactly, but I think most bible thumpers are heels (sorry) and most porno stars are awesome. I wish I had that job. :gusta:
  18. I don't mind him challenging here and there for the world title but he could be used to help prop up the stature of the IC Championship IMO. A former world champion and huge star like him wearing the IC gold would do wonders for the title.
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  19. Me likey
  20. Good point too, maybe all the undercard belts (well US is the only other) will get more attention now as bigger stars end up with them
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