Survivor Series WWE Survivor Series 2003

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  1. Great PPV.

    Lmao at Taker when the guy yelled ''BOOORING'', ''Your momma is boring, you son of a bitch!'' :laugh:
  2. R.I.P. "American Bad Ass" Undertaker
  3. Man, this shit used to be so great.
  4. Watched all of that, was amazing.
  5. Did you have the same feeling like: ''Even if I want to, I won't stop watching...'' ?
  6. Basically yeah
  7. Is that mark cuban in the thumbnail? lol
  8. Same here lol

    Sure is. He was involved in the show.
  9. He got RKO'd
  10. LOL so awesome, going to watch.
  11. This whole show was basically the prequel to WM 20
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