WWE Tag Champ Upset At Being Left Off WM

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Yesterday, WWE Tag Team Champion Epico posted the following on Twitter:

    Anyone else agree with them? I do.
  2. That have not other Tag Team for then to vs.!

  3. Completely agree with them. I hope they don't get in trouble.
  4. He sounds surprised to learn that WWE doesn't care about their tag team champions.
  5. Pipe bomb abuse...-3

    The wwe needs to reinvent the tag division. Maybe start using smack down for that!

  7. I smell big trouble for this stupidity.
  9. What angle? The voice of the voiceless? Done.
  10. Lol guys, this is a work incase you never saw on Wrestling Observer, haha :')
  11. What work can it be though? I'm glad it is, it means eventually we'll see them more often.
  12. According to PWInsider.com, the recent Twitter rant posted by Epico and Rosa Mendes is part of WWE's new initiative to feature more story lines on Twitter. WWE wants to run/start more story lines via the micro-blogging site, so more of what we saw from Epico & Rosa should be expected in the future.
  13. So I have to scourge twitter all week in search for eventual storylines instead of just using it during RAW and Smackdown nights? Damn WWE. Demanding so much of me.
  14. Did we expect anything more from "OMG WE'RE TRENDING LETS ANNOUNCE IT 50 TIMES" WWE?
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