WWE taking shots at TNA guys in Brock video

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  1. Last night on Raw in those Brock videos they showed Jeff Hardy, Hogan, Kurt Angle being beat by Brock. I think this was WWE taking shots at TNA since those guys are now in TNA. I wonder if TNA will take shots back at WWE with their tapings this week hmmm
  2. i dont think they are taking shots. when i think of brock i remember the feud the Hardyz had with brock.
    as of hogan he is a icon, taking down a icon proves superiority ...
  3. How will they take shots? WWE currently dont have any X TNA stars that I know of signed that's fought any of the current X-E stars
  4. I think they were lol all the people they saw brock beat were on tna so i mean
  5. They showed Lesnar beating on people he had memorable feuds in. It's a pure coincidence that they're all in TNA. WWE would take all of them back in a heartbeat.
  6. I think they were taking some shots at TNA, which is probably why they didn't show Brock's most important career moment ever, which was beating The Rock cleanly for his first ever WWE Title at Summerslam 2002 (because Rock isn't in TNA.)
  7. I don't think they were taking shots but I did notice it at the time :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. I didn't see it as taking potshots at TNA.

    If I recall (and I might recall incorrectly), Jeff was Brock's first major feud. Showing his final victory in their feud would be a major milestone.

    The victory over Hogan was a victory for the "New WWE" over "WWE History".

    When Brock first made his appearance in WWE, there was a lot made about the fact that he was a "real wrestler", just like Kurt Angle. The two put on a classic match and ended with a Brock victory. That would again be a major milestone.

    It does beg the question of why no footage of the initial WWE title win over the Rock. So, while I don't necessarily think they're taking potshots at TNA, I'll bet there was a little bit of "haha, all these guys are in TNA now" to it.

  9. You can almost certainly say Vince was at least grinning though.
  10. Also the two other matches worth showing really were Brock beating Taker and Rock. I'm not surprised they didn't show them as it basically buries the winners of the two main events of WM28 :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. All of them were important matches in Brock's career, and it makes you think why they didn't show his victories over Rock and Taker, probably they don't want to make them look bad, so they used guys that weren't in the company anymore. Not to make fun of them, but not to make anyone working for them look bad.
  12. TNA shuold really take shots back at WWE for that
  13. And of course Angle and Lesnar had one of the greatest wrestling matches in the history of WWE.
  14. Which would beg the question, would anyone care if TNA took shots at the WWE (like they're not already doing it).


  15. I think TNA has learned not to take shots at WWE. Remember early 2010?