WWE talent doing community service work in LA

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2012.

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  2. Nice for them, and WWE keeping up appearances well I see.
  3. I imagined Henry and ADR in gimmick whilst doing community service, made me lol.
  4. Good team up of Del Rio and Henry considering the neighborhood. Henry is built like the king of bodyguards
  5. If there is any bullies I imagine they will stop when they see Henry, he's seriously scary.
    I'm not a big fan of the heels doing anti bullying campaigns, i'm not saying they should promote it but Henry's character is basically just one big bully so it doesn't make sense him saying don't bully, just let the faces do it imo.
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  6. the only good thing to come out of linda's senate campaign
  7. When I read the title I expected a story about someone getting caught drunk driving so serving community service as a result of the actions.

    Not that it was just WWE helping out in the community haha!
  8. :lol1: So did I.
  9. :win:

    Glad it weren't just me
  10. Mark Henry's speech probally went something like this, "Now if I see ANYBODY being a bully, somebody's gonna get their ass kicked! Now who wants some sexual chocolate hugs :never: " But I don't think heels should be the ones doing this stuff....make a wish is fine since the people wish for it, but them doing this stuff destroys kayfabe.
  11. My opinion is portrayed here:

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  12. Haha!, That's quality.
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