WWE Talent Releases Expected Soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Who do you think will get FE'd then? :ace:

    I realise this can come off as harsh humour, I of course empathize with those who will lose their jobs.
  2. Even if it was Big Show or Sheamus?
  3. I see Bourne, Drew, Hawkins, Rexs and the odd diva going tbh. People like Yoshi and JTG will stay as even the WWE has forgotten them.
  4. They're nice guys out of the ring, I have no problem with them. I'd love them never to appear on my TV again (more so Big Show than Sheamus ) though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Bourne, Divas, Yoshi and JTG I also see going. For some reason I think Hawkins & Reks might stay.
  5. As a fan, I've been looking forward to this... it's just a shame there's nowhere else the released guys can go where they can practice their craft for decent money. TNA and ROH don't pay enough for such a risky job.

    Yoshi and JTG are pretty much guaranteed, they never get used anywhere. Ezekiel's probably gone too, but it's hard to tell who else would be released since we don't know how much WWE wants to protect NXT/Superstars. There are so many I'd love to see released just so TNA can pick them up (Tyson, Natalya, Bourne, etc) since WWE is hell-bent on not using them on TV.
  6. Jtg Gone Yoshi gone

    Santino #WWEForever
  7. I see someone like Trent Barreta going.
  8. JTG, they will never release Big Show or Sheamus unless they decide to retire by will.
  9. And the fact they're champions... I don't think anyone seriously think they'll get the sack.
  10. I can see them releasing JTG and Yoshi Tatsu. I also get the feeling that Tyson Kidd is not long for the WWE.

    Luckily, all 3 of them have the look and skills to get into either ROH or be brought into TNA as X-Division talent (I know the pay won't be as good, but at least they'll be working in a company that appreciates their particular brand of talent).

  11. Considering that Tyson actually is working a feud at the moment even if it's on NXT I think he is safe. But Yoshi I could easily see disappearing.
  12. What's wrong with Sheamus? He's funny on the mic, and I love his stories...

    I wish Vince would ban Jericho however, from ever being on a WWE Network telecast ever again.
  13. Wasn't Christ Masters in a superstars feud when he was released ?
  14. I have a feeling some of the really low card talent like JTG, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Jindar Mahal will be released
  15. Yoshi is probably gone because he kicked HHH's buddy's ass (Sheamus).
  16. JTG, Jindar Mahal, Tyler Reks and Evan B. wil be getting cut!
  17. Ah thanks for the inside info Randy.

    I never knew there were two Tyler Reks.
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