WWE Taping Another TV Show Soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Feb 5, 2013.

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  2. For fuck sake, no. Just bring the cruiserweight division back to WWE and have it on SmackDown or something. Improve your other shows before you make more. PLEASE.
  3. The fans want a cruiserweight division not an entire fucking show dedicated to it. Fuck my life.
  4. I am split here. If they make a one time off Cruiserweight special I am all for it. That can then segway into a rebirth of the division. But I'd rather see the division back than an entire show.
  5. Could be a special to test the waters of interest. If it does well they may consider bringing back the title and have a proper division.
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  6. Feature cruiserweights on raw not on a new show.There are too many wwe programs as it is just absurd.
  7. I'm pretty much excited at this show that's in the works as cruiserweight's are entertaining regardless of if it's their own show or not. I understand why you'd want a division however I believe this is an idea to get people slightly interested, build up the title a little bit, test out the wrestlers and bring new wrestlers through that'l fit the division.

    Once that's done, they can proceed creating their own division by having the whole cruiserweight division taking over and demanding that they receive the publicity they deserve, bullying say Booker T on SmackDown saying we want a minimum of 15 minutes of TV time otherwise we'll always come back and ruin the show. Booker T complies with their demands, they'll be on SmackDown with their own division and it'll get people interested in them.
  8. So WWE's plan is to plan, fund, and publish a whole new cruiserweight show so they can eventually create a cruiserweight division on RAW/SmackDown? Of course not... It would be the other way around usually. They just want more shows which equals more money.
  9. Just thought of something, maybe this is the way they introduce Generico?
  10. They must have high hopes in him if they launch a new show to launch his WWE career.
  11. Could have been in the works for a while but they were waiting for a talent who could be the face of the show.
  12. Don't want them to create another show. If they do it for a SHORT while to introduce the division it's OK but that's really unlikely, so no.
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