News WWE teaches faces not to sell losses

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  1. ........ I don't even
  2. sports (.00001%) entertainment (99.9999%)
  3. What the fuck.
  4. This makes absolutely no sense. Has to be fake.
  5. I conclude the opposite. When I hear about something that makes no sense I assume it has to be true.
  6. Considering who we're dealing with here you're probably right.
  7. I can't believe's probably true but damn
  8. What on earth would be the motive behind teaching this to the talents? To show everyone the "spirit in competition"? That just seems completely unnecessary.
  9. I'm not buying it. If it is true, then we are heading towards an era that will be blander than PG.
    On the plus side I could end up saving plenty of money on melatonin.
    On the minus side this would not facilitate my hopes of one day drinking less alcohol than I currently do.
    All things considered, it is probably in my best interests to ignore this report. Yes, that is what I will do. Problem solved.
  10. I think 0% on both sides would be more accurate.
  11. Way to go Eva.
  12. From our perspective sure. I was going along the lines of how WWE views itself at this point
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  13. Not hard to believe when you consider how pussified WWE can be nowadays. (Isn't the rule that states you're not allowed to say "I hate you" to another person still in effect?) I'm guessing this is their way of wanting the wrestlers to give off a positive vibe or something, even in defeat. I remember Orton saying that in an interview awhile back that despite the fact that his Viper character had an edge and wasn't supposed to really care or have feelings about anyone else, McMahon always complained that he wasn't smiling more for the fans when he came out to the ring. This sounds like the same kind of thing. (Considering most of the time that babyfaces lose is by cheating or foul play on the part of the heel, I'd imagine there won't be much for them to smile about, unless they truly want people to think that losing isn't really a big deal.)
  14. Hey guys I just got my ass kicked! Buy my underwear!
  15. Jesus, are we ever going to receive any good news? Losing so much faith in WWE...
  16. Ummmmmmmmm... why?

    I suppose there's something in there about "not being a sore loser" and putting on a good message for the kiddies. Come on man.
  17. Seems like some made-up dirtsheet BS to me. I don't buy it.
  18. I read somewhere that this will only apply to the Divas, not the male superstars. Still think it's stupid, though.
  19. Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    *Face gets eliminated in Royal Rumble
    *Walks out smiling
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