WWE teasing 4th member of The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Look at this photo
    Show Spoiler

    He looks like a member of The Shield, I would like to see him in that situation, a member of The Shield
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  2. He would absolutely be my first choice.
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  3. What the fuck. :no:

    "Some of the names discussed include Paul Heyman, Big Show, Ryback and Jack Swagger."

    Lol. I'd be OKAY with Heyman (but even then I'd prefer if they stayed on their own) but the other three? L.O.L.
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  4. I'd be okay with Ohno as well. He'd at least be a face we haven't seen before and he's pretty great from what I've seen.
  5. I would love to see Ohno in The Shield, I think he would fit perfectly.
  6. I would love it if there was a secret member.
  7. I could see Ohno or Leo Kruger fitting this perfectly. Leo already can pull off the look and Ohno would be down right amazing in the main roster.
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  8. The Shield needs to remain unknown stars from NXT imo. Fuck Ryback, or any main roster guy stepping in.
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  9. Might be Khali, we don't see enough of him. :pity1:
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  10. Nice shout on Kruger. I'm not really a fan of Kruger, but he could be a good psycho muscle like Reigns is.
  11. CM Punk coming back being behind it would be too predictable? Right?

    I know he is taking time off, but that would make the most sense.

    BUT wwe doesn't make sense.
  12. What if they bring in a diva? I think it's time for Paige to step in, and she looks good in black.
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  13. Damn that would be awesome!
  14. I haven't seen much of Kruger either but I watched one his matches on NXT and I think he kinda deserves it. He has been in the WWE Developmental as long as Bo Dallas lol and Bo has been there A LONG TIME!
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  15. Lol true, but when you see Bo Dallas, you see why he's been there for a long time :haha:
  16. Roman = Muscle
    Rollins = Speed
    Ambrose = Brawling

    It needs to be someone different, someone with a bit more of a technical side who's been screwed by the WWE with say a title reign ending with a cheap shot at WM last year, the year before he was bumped after coming through NXT's obstacle courses. Some guy who's got a reason to hate the established order and the fantasy world of no consequences when let's say this person was fired for using a piece of clothing as a weapon?
  17. I'd mark
  18. Nah. I think Kruger is too similar to Reigns, plus I don't like the guy that much anyway. Would mark for Ohno though.

    Swagger would not make any sense being in the Shield. Shield is about justice and Swagger is a racist, it would just be a bit confusing.

    Also, fuck Ryback. Do NOT mess with my Shield. :tough:

    Would Corey Graves or Conor O'Brian be an option? :hmm:
  19. I like this idea. She's hot.
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