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  1. For our final party of our college career my roommates and I are throwing a Wrestling themed party.

    We need some suggestions on how to make it awesome:

    cheap drink ideas (we have an idea for a Red Punch we are naming RAW but we want to do one more punch)
    ideas for games
    playlist music (some wrestling themes some that just seem to fit in)

    Also we are holding a king of the ring beer pong tournament, as well as staging a storyline that will run the course of the night, also we have encouraged everyone to come dressed as wrestlers

    What are some of your ideas to make this night a party everyone in attendance will remember
  2. Smoke some weed like RVD, Do some drugs like Jeff Hardy, get drunk like Scott Hall, get laid like Kelly Kelly and do the Fandango to end the night.
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  3. Invite girls and have evening gown/bra & panties matches
  4. The one more kool-aid have blue and name Smackdown
    Songs: HBK theme, Edge theme, Jericho theme, Vince theme, Ultimate Warrior theme, New Age Outlaw theme, DX theme, Godfather theme(Pimpin' :true: ), RVD theme, and Otunga's theme.
    Near the end have one of the party guests come and start aruging with another, thus leading to one punching another and a referee running in with a belt and saying that they'll settle this in a hardcore match for the hardcore title.
    All I got. Oh hit one of the girls with the atomic drop...
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    If you know what I mean :otunga:
  5. Bury all the people who are more likely to pick up chicks
  6. spoiler alert: nobody is getting laid at a WWe themed party
  7. Chyna.
  8. not with an attitude like that
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