WWE Theory for the next few month?!

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  1. With John Cena out 4 to 6 week this give WWE the best change to do somethnig great if that RELIY it yet! Or are to dumb to see it yet. Here what I am think that should do for the WWE Champion CM Punk that should have Punk attck Cean backstage to white off and then somehow get Brock L. invore with Paul Heyman and then this set up a Brock L. vs. CM Punk for the WWE Champion in a Hell in a Cell match CM Punk win the match b/c mr. :Bury: man HHH infeare and beat up Brock this lead to a Rematch with HHH vs. Brock at S.Seris which Brock lose b/c the Undertaker infere! think about the report that Undertaker is return at S.Seris so this would make sense. Then we don't see Brock untill the Rumble which Undertaker is in the match and Brock return in the Rumble match and cost Undertaker the Rumble match this lead to a WM29 match between the 2! Were Undetraker win at go 21-0 at WM! What do yuo all think?

  2. Cena will still be on RAW. He won't be wrestling until Hell In The Cell PPV.

    Brock Lesnar won't be here until either Survivor Series or WM 29.
  3. No cena is out for 4 to 6 weeks! there not going rush or he going serius hurt! this would be the best to to do it would draw!
  4. Lesnar... Taker... God...

    Yawn. Let the past go already.
  5. He can still do mic segments. And they have already released a report saying that he is ahead of his rehabilitation schedule. He has cut it in half. He only has to take 3 weeks off of ring work. He'll face Punk at Hell in a Cell in 6 weeks.
  6. No the Dr. said that should not rice it it would make sesce to do it right him off with injury and he him come after hitc ppv to re do the feud!
  7. Problem is there is no one else that can face Punk and make it look logical. Brock is too over as a monster villain and Punk is working as a villain as well. It will be Punk vs Cena since Cena will spend the build up cutting promo's and since it is a six week build to Hell in a Cell there is well enough time for him to recover and compete in the match. Cena and Punk won't even be in the cell itself. That is reserved for Sheamus and Big Show apparently.
  8. He is not "out". He's told not to wrestle for like 6 weeks. Hell in the Cell PPV is not until for like 6 weeks.

    He can still come to RAW and do Cena promos without fighting/wrestling.
  9. No Punk is a andrail hero not a full villain! So yet that could do and that both are Paul guys so it make sesne!
  10. It doesn't make sense to pit two of Paul's guys against each other with no build to it. If they wanted to do something like that they should have Punk and Brock work together for about two months and then have one turn on the other. And Punk is more villain than hero now. He has just feuded with Cena, hurt Jerry Lawler in a cage and attacked Bret Hart. He is clearly a villain since he doesn't show any redeeming qualities.
  11. Cena will be on the show :sad: doesnt matter how injured he is
  12. :pity:
  13. sad thing is even if hes injured and not wrestling he will probably still draw like 300,000 people in during his segment
  14. Probably, that's why the E' need him.
  15. what they need to do is make better talent :finger:
  16. lol, what they need to do is Fire all the shit talent, and replace with fresh new talent.
  17. NO IT WOULD GREAT TO DO! And Punk is still a hero he does not do diray to win like a heel would do Pual has yet to help him win matchest so no ur WRONG! The smart fans still cheer him. So yet he still an anteril hero! And it would work b/c Paul is close to both guy. And its not fair that cena can do promo 6 week and then wrestling that shuld just get it to some else u think that would wait for any one else? :NO: so that should not wait for cena!
  18. One does not need to win matches dirtily to be a villain or a heel. A heel can still win matches clean. It all comes down to what his actions are over all. Sicne RAW 1000 we have seen Punk assault one of the corner stones of RAW Jerry Lawler inside a steel cage, beating him with a chain. We have seen him attack the top babyface of the company, helping one of the top villain win, insult the crowd, insult other babyfaces and go against a face general manager and assault a well loved legend like Bret Hart. Punk is obviously a villain because he doesn't do any good guy things. Even if the smarks cheer him he is still considered a villain and Vince McMahon is apparently loving it. Punk will be a villain for a while now. Turning him back to a face just after turning him heel would be stupid.

    And Cena will only miss 3 weeks of ring work. That's 3 weeks for him and Punk to have smaller matches leading up to the PPV or just have Cena run in and save whoever Punk is beating down.
  19. And at SummerSlam Punk when in to the fans and selpebe which is a face thertd he antrial hero END OF STORY CASE CLOSED! And no that would be dumb to wrost are time like that! Have Punk feud with some else if cena can wrestle!
  20. There will obviously be a best of three series between Cena and Punk. And Punk went into Summerslam as a face because it was a slowburning heel turn is it that hard to understand? The final piece of his heel puzzle was him throwing Cena out of the ring. That solidified him as a villain. God you are thick some times no offense but Punk is obviously a heel and not a anti hero.
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