News WWE thinking about switching back to TV-14?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Obviously Meltzer rumors, but I thought the topic would garner some discussion on here. Sounds like HHH wants to move in that direction but Vince does not. I mean NXT is on the WWE Network so it can do what it wants there right? Pointed out in the article as well. They should just do it already. I understand they may lose money from partnerships that only want to work with a PG rated program (like Mattel) but for the time slots they have on cable tv, they need to up the entertainment value to compete nowadays (which is a point I'm sure none of you would argue for the most part).

  2. Attitude Era return confirmed
  3. In this day and age of cautiousness in sports the Attitude Era will never truly return, it will be nothing more than he PG Era with a little (fake) blood added, a few more choice curse words thrown around, and some bikini matches. There will be no chairs to the head, there will be no more real blood (aka razor usage).

    The Attitude Era will always be unique and never repeated because it happened exactly when it was supposed to, there will never be another right time.
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  4. I could live with some bikini matches :zayn:
  5. Learn to book instead
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  6. As long as Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn are running the show it won't happen.
  7. No, we want more of the same, please.
    If you could add some cartoon-ish characters, that'd be swell, as well.
  8. The bunny isn't good enough for you? How bout we bring back the gobbeldy gooker then?
  9. That'd be terrific, brother.
  10. Yeah, I also don't see them improving this anytime soon.
  11. Ding ding ding. Rating is not important at all. You can be edgy under the PG rating. I watched WCW do it in the 90s.
  12. This. The rating doesn't matter, it never did.
  13. What Leo said.

    Ratings doesn't matter. The booking does
  14. Depends on what ratings you are talking about. :bischoff:
  15. Well Bischoff only worked in PG right? WCW was never TV 14
  16. :facepalm:

    Missed the joke I guess. Rating (PG/TV-14) vs Ratings (how many people watch the show or whatever) is what I was getting at. Bischoff was just the smiley I used.
  17. Oh I got it. It just wasn't funny so I no sold it.

    On that topic: Moving to TV14 will not mean higher ratings. There is no guarantee of that.
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  18. :brockderp: You no selling sum-a-ma-bitch :rollins2:
  19. Back on track: But allowing the use of TV-14 topics could open up how far they could go in storylines - which, if done correctly, could attract more fans (or fans that stopped watching because of the PG-ness). Thats how I see it anyway.
  20. Considering how well they're doing with the PG rating, I don't really trust TV-14 by itself is going to cause a very noticeable improvement in their booking. You said it yourself, this "if done correctly" doesn't normally end well when it's WWE :dawg:
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