WWE thinking of taking title off Punk

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  1. Not sure what to think on this actually.
  2. It sounds like typical RAW see saw bookings. Cena going over a year without a title to then reclaim it at Mania sounds much better if you ask me.
  3. They should've just had Cena and Rock compete in a number 1 contender's match at RR in that case? :dafuq: (Insert inevitable hashtag)
  4. Typical recycled stuff. How about something new which pits all three at mania with Punk as champion.
  6. I can't see WWE achlly letting Cena lose 2 time 2 The Rock as much as I would like it I just can"t see WWE doing it! But I will said I would liek to see CM Punk vs. The Rock at WM29 for the WWE Champion! But Rock should be someone not Cena at the Rumble for the WWE Title and then later that night CM Punk win the Royal Rumble Match something he yet to do. But I wonder if Rock win the title at the RR who will he vs. at E.Chamber I really don't think he will be in a E.Chamber match inless he enter number 6? But then he will have to vs. someone at E.Chamber for the WWE Title and idk who that would be? but if that do this then what about World Title I don't that to get lost I still said Undetaker should win the World at the RR or something and then feud with Brock at WM29 for the title and or Brock win the World Title and feud with Undertaker for the World Title at WM29!
  7. I think Punk will probably lose at Survivor Series to keep Cena busy for a bit more of this year. A 6 month cena title reign is literally one of the lowest things on the 'interest' list in my Wrestling life at the moment. I do think we will see a title run from The Rock, including a defence at Elimination Chamber. Like the Big Show finally got his 'WM' moment, Kane got his long title run in 2010, Mark Henry finally reaped his rewards for years of service, The Rock will come back and have a period as champion again, WWE would be useless not too take advantage of it while he still has the miles in him (something he wont have in 10 years).
  8. Cena to win it at Summerslam or NOC, then Punk to be involved once again by Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble.
  9. Punk losing it is no bad idea but they would need it to actually be an interesting storyline and not the above mentioned garbage.
  10. True. If he isn't going to hold the title then make him full blown heel.
  11. if i have to sit through another superman title reign before the end of the year... somebody WILL die
  12. Would it be a good idea for him to drop the title soon? Maybe. It certainly wouldn't be a bad one. What is a bad one would be Rock-Cena: Twice in a Lifetime.

    But it's the same thing as Storm/Roode, it seemed too obvious that they were building to that at BFG, so they threw a wrench in the gears. They're clearly building towards Punk/Rock, and while this isn't a good way to go it's certainly better than putting the belt on Cena again.

    In that time frame, why not turn Daniel Bryan face since the crowd wants to cheer him anyway? Keep his gimmick the same (LOL Wishful Thinking) have Cena work mid-card feuds and stay away from the ME scene (LOL), and going into Survivor Series build towards Bryan vs Punk III? (You can justify this by the glorified tie in the first match, wasn't pinned in the second, and had an extremely competitive, fair match in the third. Call it like it is.) Have Daniel Bryan be the guy who de-throned Punk after a full year as the WWE Champion, and have Daniel Bryan vs the Rock at Royal Rumble? Talk about a dream match!

    Rocky can win the belt at Royal Rumble, after Bryan (someone who can actually use the rub) wins the belt off a long-reigning champion (see Cena-JBL) and then do Rock-Punk at Wrestlemania. Why not? If they have to throw the belt on Cena, do it at Summerslam 2013 at the earliest, maybe then the casuals will really want to see it.
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  13. I do not want to see the champion being someone who isn't on most of the shows. What is the point of the Rock being champion if he isn't ever on Raw? I'm sure ratings would be awesome for Raw without the championship belt being on the shows.
  14. Fuck Rock as champion. It'll bury the company to be honest, because its saying that this guy from hollywood can just come back and take the title just because of his work before.
  15. No, no, no. Just no.
  16. Give the title to Lesnar.
  17. I don't want Rock nor Cena taking that championship away from CM Punk. They can give it to Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, or Cody Rhodes. I hope mostly Cody Rhodes wins it, because I can see him bringing back another old school version of the championship, maybe the winged eagle version.
  18. I will forever remain optimistic :burns:
  19. :dafuq: Does that mean Vince? :finger: :((

  20. i have no clue :burns:
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