WWE threatens legal action against writer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

  1. Man they're taking this stand up for WWE campaign seriously.
  2. WWE is dominate. :dawg:
  3. Screw Linda and her senate run.
  4. I expect she'll retire soon. :obama: Obama > Linda
  5. AMEN LEO!

    From what I heard, this article was from a no-name writer stuck in the forgotten middle section of the webpage/newspaper, and the article itself screamed shock value from a writer just trying to get some attention. Mission (sadly) accomplished. Had the dirtsheets and other headline whores not seen this as an easy way to get page views, then nobody would have heard about this. Now, the writer's being talked about worldwide due to one line he said, it's sad that people have to result to shit like this to do so.

  6. So, what, we sue people just for stating something negative now? I think they're taking their "Stand Up For WWE" campaign a bit too seriously. You can't just threaten legal action towards anyone who writes something you don't like or criticizes you for something, justified or not. About as ridiculous as Hogan and Bischoff threatening Steiner with legal action for stuff he writes on Twitter.
  7. Am I the only one that thought the title said :dawg: "WWE threatens legal actions against twitter".
  8. Negative and wrong are different things. Comparing WWE to porn (like one writer done) is outrageous. I'd take action if I were WWE too.
  9. Not to mention that the writer just did it to get attention. :dawg:
  10. Yes, after WWE became PG and everything's limited, calling WWE porn is downright wrong.
  11. Still silly to actually threaten legal action over it.
  12. Well, it was silly to threaten legal action, but the writer was silly for doing that too.
  13. It's not silly imo.
  14. Threatening legal action or badmouthing WWE?
  15. He's not badmouthing it, he's going beyond that. If someone called MJ a pedo that would be bad mouthing. If someone said the Kobe Bryant is a cannibal that would just be wrong and way out there.
  16. Yes, "badmouthing" is an euphemism.
  17. Plenty of people have been sued for it. Just look at Kim K. :burns:
  18. Probably. It's just such a stupid situation that could be avoided by good sense, but no, someone's an attention whore.
  19. It's not a bad thing they're threatening action as it discourages other reporters to talk absolute bullshit about a big company to get attention. The last thing you want if you're WWE is pointless lies written about your company. It doesn't take any effort for them at all to sue people, but for these writers it's a big big deal so why not use it to your advantage?

    That's my two cents anyway.
  20. You have a point. Them doing this for other assholes not to bother them with lies again is a good idea. I agree.
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