WrestleMania WWE Title Match At Wrestlemania 29: Punk vs Ryback Or Punk-Rock-Cena?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lockard 23, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. I've mentioned the possibility of Rock losing at the Rumble before. The logic being that in an attempt to try and cost Punk the belt, I could see Cena accidentally costing Rock the match instead and many (like myself) assume this will lead to a triple threat at WM, but what if instead, it leads to a non-title rematch between Rock and Cena, and Punk ends up defending (and losing) the belt against the 2013 Royal Rumble winner Ryback in their first one-on-one encounter since Hell In A Cell? Which would you prefer, the triple threat (Punk-Rock-Cena and Ryback in some other match) or Rock-Cena and Ryback-Punk in separate matches?

    On one hand, it would be great to see someone who is a newer guy like Ryback be the one to end Punk's long ass reign (even with Punk's quick cheap victory over him already at HIAC) but at the same time, I don't want to go two years in a row where the WWE Title isn't the main focus of the show, and no way would Ryback-Punk go last after Rock-Cena. On the other hand, it would be great to see the WWE Title get to headline the show, and seeing Punk in the Mania main event would mix it up (preventing it from just being a straight up Cena-Rock rematch) and it's also a good way to shine a bit of spotlight on Punk, given that almost his entire reign thus far hasn't got the chance to headline PPVs.

    Either way, I'm still definitely banking on Rock losing at the Rumble and one of these two possibilities happening.
  2. Well, if there was a triple threat then I wouldn't have any preferences. I'd still rather seeing Ryback going over Lesnar instead of being on the title picture, but any of those would be OK for me.
  3. I was just thinking of a triple threat between punk,cena, and the rock, it could happen but the only way id like to see it is if the rock does a good job as champion which who knows if thats even possible considering his appearances.

    Ryback as champion through royal rumble? Sounds interesting as well.
  4. The triple threat, it really solidifies Punk as their top heel. Cena/Rock part 2 may draw more as a part 2 but it isn't going to be anything special. If Cena wins then it's 1-1 and means there has to be a rubber match, and if Rock wins then it just sends a message that the former stars are better than the current stars. Put Punk in there.
  5. Triple thread match would be epic to have. Like Crayo said: ''it really solidifies Punk as their top heel''.
  6. Id prefer Punk Vs Brock And Rock vs Cena and Daniel Bryan or Kane vs Undertaker. None of this will happen but i wish.
  7. Punk vs Brock is just a horrible match up in my opinion.
  8. Brock vs Taker at WM 29
    Cena vs Taker at WM 30

    Simple as that.
  9. Make Brock vs Taker as WM 30 and Cena vs Taker at 31 and you're right.
  10. So who's facing Taker this year?
  11. I doubt he'll have a match. He'll be involved but not a match.
  12. Lolwut..

    Are you even serious? Of course he will have a match.
    These are his last years and he has to keep the streak alive untill the end. So he has to keep it in tact every year by winning at Wrestlemania..
  13. The streak doesn't die if Taker doesn't compete at one Wrestlemania... he can miss this year and return at Wrestlemania 30 to defend it one last time.
  14. That would just be weird. Everyone knows Taker is at the end of his career and it's just disappointing if he wouldn't have a match at WM.
  15. Not really. The last I heard is that his body is beaten up and he's hurting. I would much rather reduce the risk of a severe life-changing injury just to rush one match when you can give him the year off, play the "Has Taker gone?" card and have him return to fight Cena at Wrestlemania 30 in his last match.
  16. Could be. ''Has Taker gone'', seriously..

  17. No, I meant if Punk retained at the Rumble, Ryback would win the Rumble and defeat Punk at WM29, not before.
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