Payback WWE Title - Roman Reigns vs A.J Styles

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RVD_86, Apr 11, 2016.

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  1. I think this is going to be an absolutely superb main event for Payback. I'm really looking forward to it.

    A.J will bring the best out of Reigns. I know Reigns isn't exactly popular with the fans just now but he is a real work horse and is perfectly capable of putting on great matches. Reigns has been so badly booked it's not even possible to put into words! this is the perfect feud to put him in after his very long and dragged out feud with The Authority and HHH which was so boring and totally the wrong angle to have him in.

    I think post WM it felt like the WWE has been reborn and I hope this applies to Reigns as well. Bring it on!:reigns2:
  2. Styles is gonna carry Reigns to a very good performance, I'm looking forward to it.
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  3. The match will be awesome, but it won't just be Styles making it that way. Believe that.

    Really looking forward to this!
  4. Reigns doesn't need to be carried to shit you goof.

    This should be the start of Reigns burying all of the IWC favorites. Styles is a great place to start because he is the worst of them all. Little annoying redneck prick.
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  5. It'll be great. And now I'm horny for more styles.
  6. This is the beginning of Reigns trolling all over the WWE fan base. Dude is so over now, the fans aren't even aware of it yet.
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  7. Dope, has to be even sided though, if this will begin the rumored Bullet Club story then it'll be great
  8. Roman Reigns pins AJ Styles with a roll-up, and moves on to Ziggler. Pins him after a power slam, and moves on to Dean Ambrose. He beats him after 4 minutes with a DDT, next is Cesaro. Beats him after a spear and a 30 second wait before the pin. He finally beats RR winner Seth Rollins in 5 minutes with a roll up. Inducted into Hall of Fame a day prior to Mania.
  9. Seems Legit
  10. [​IMG]
  11. So, having watched RAW, what are your thoughts heading into ME at Payback?

    4 possible scenarios:

    1) AJ Styles defeats Reigns via Anderson & Gallows interference.

    2) Reigns retains via Anderson & Gallows interference. Doubtful, but hey, anything can happen in the WWE.

    3) Styles is screwed out of the title by Gallows and Anderson. Out comes THE true/original leader - Finn Bálor.

    4) WWE pulls the biggest swerve by having Styles and Reigns compete in a clean match.

    Even though I have nothing against option #1, I can see them going with #3 at the end of the day, tbh.

    Styles is so over as a babyface and having :balor:debut on the main roster while still holding the NXT title could be special. One thing's for certain, though, the ME at Payback has gotten a lot more exciting now. :yay:
  12. Reigns retains and bullet club debuts, then Reigns just defies them all... :/
  13. Reigns retains the title but Bullet Club form in WWE kick his arse and Shield reform for ER.
  14. Been thinking more about your list of options here, and think the most likely outcome is A..... but after a big bump of some kind.
    Everyone's down, the trees run in and Magic Killer Roman while AJ and the ref aren't looking. Styles recovers and locks in the Calf Killer on a downed Reigns and thinks he won the match clean, but really didn't thanks to his friends...

    Thing is, that sucks. And I'm not a big fan of a lame PPV finish after Raw's been so much better.
  15. Dude, any scenario regarding Roman being screwed out of the title is going to get Styles cheered. And the event's being held in Chicago of all places. They're going to eat Roman alive.

    Now, I don't expect Styles to win clean in any scenario, however, if he does end up winning, it'll be via Gallows/Anderson shenanigans, which is fine by me.

    Or, as my scenario #3 states, Styles is screwed out of the title by his boys and then enter Finn Bálor.
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  16. I didn't mean that by Styles getting cheered haha. It just seems like a lame way to end the show, ya know?

    pfft it could be in Disneyland, everyone boos Roman

    Actually maybe this is getting too creative, but where do the Usos fit in to all this? That could be my new prediction, tease Gallows and Anderson so much before the Usos turn heel and help Roman... Hmm. I don't know
  17. OIC. Well, I wouldn't consider that ending lame, but to each their own.

    The Usos turning heel and helping their cousin is also a plausible scenario. Gallows and Anderson's in-ring debut is next Monday, so they might as well have The Usos taken out or something.
  18. Now that Finn Bálor has said his goodbyes to NXT, would he be considered a catalyst in the Reigns/Styles match next Sunday?
  19. hell yeah
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