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  1. I think that since a lot of threads are made about the titles we have on here, we should probably make like a section for em. I think it could fit well in the Be The Booker Section since FNW is in there and it's sort of like that. It'll just clear up the locker room some.
  2. 'IWT' forum maybe, inside Be The Booker?
    Internet Wrestling Title.
  3. I don't mind a sub-forum for it in Be The Booker.
  4. It is a form of roleplaying in a sense so a sub section in the be the booker section sound about right. I vote yes on that.
  5. Move it already jabroni.
  6. Yes. Please do this. IWT would work or WFC (wwe forums championships)
  7. @Crayo can you make it so we can clean this up?
  8. Done it.

    From now on, put those threads here: http://wweforums.net/forum-44.html

    Report any related threads outside of that section so they can be moved.
  9. Thanks
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