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    When?: December 13th, 2015
    Where? TD Garden - Boston, Massachusetts

    Match Card:

    Sheamus(c) vs. Roman Reigns in a TLC match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    Kevin Owens(c) vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Alberto Del Rio(c) vs, Jack Swagger in a Chairs match for the WWE United States Championship

    The New Day(c) vs. The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons in a Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

    Charlotte(c) w/ Ric Flair vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship

    Team ECW vs. The Wyatt Family in a Tables match

    Ryback vs. Rusev
  2. The card is okay, but the booking will be a total clusterfuck.

    Hopefully Reigns regains the title.
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  3. Good news: 6 matches, so almost no filler
    Bad news: No build for any of these so no killer

    No Killer, No Filler = Still at Survivor Series 2015 level

    Projected Rating Expectancy: 2/10
    1 Point for wrestling just being there
    1 point for spots

    Reigns to regain, Ambrose to gain, Charlotte to retain, Del Rio to retain, anyone can win with the Tag titles, money on New Day continuing their reign since they are very over but Lucha or Usos can walk away with the belts. ECW vs. Wyatts will be good but can't earn anymore points because it will just be a spot fest for tables.
  4. I assume there will be some random unannounced match, or maybe even something set up on Smackdown. Ryback vs Rusev, for example, and I would guess another Ziggler/Breeze match also since I don't think they're done.
  5. Titus vs Stardust might end up happening, as well.
  6. Ambrose ain't winning the title from KO, not at TLC and certainly not at the Rumble. If anything, Ambrose will win via DQ or some other screwy finish, but I honestly don't see him becoming the new IC champ.
  7. Aside from that shitty main event, TLC actually looks like a really good PPV, especially if we get Stardust vs Titus or something like that. It's a shame that WWE can't book for shit so KO vs Ambrose isn't as big of a match as it should be, I don't even know who the face and heel is in Del Rio vs Swagger as Swagger seems to be an old racist trying to get his old racist buddy Zeb back, the Lucha Dragons haven't even been built up for shit, the Divas Championship is in the shitter and well for the Wyatt match, if they lose... Good lord, the Wyatts better win.
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  9. He isn't buried if he's hella over with the crowd.
  10. Yeah but Vince still just does nothing for him, he's gonna be downgraded to Jobber status in 2 years and fall victim to "creative has nothing for you" if he isn't elevated anytime soon
  11. Really, really doubt that will happen.

    He's selling merch like a mofo, the crowd is behind him, he puts on quality matches. That's all you need to stay employed and on TV.
  12. Winners:
    Del Rio
    New Day
    The Wyatts

    Still debating on who wins the WWE title though. I want to say Roman because he's booked so strong. But also think that the League of Nations/Triple H are going to interfere for Sheamus.
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  13. I agree on everything, but as far as the ME goes, my guess is Sheamus wins via shenanigans from the Eurothority.

    If Sheamus doesn't drop it at TLC, I sure as hell hope he does at the Rumble.
  14. Thats exactly what I'm thinking. Im gonna predict Sheamus comes out on top and then on RAW Reigns will have to go through Del Rio, Rusev, and Barret all in singles matches to earn another title shot (which we'll do of course). Also the Royal Rumble is in Florida so i envision Reigns winning the title in his home state with his big ass samoan family in the front row lol.
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    Del Rio
    New Day

    Breeze vs. Ziggler and Rusev vs. Ryback are bound to happen

    Yeah I changed a few of my picks
  16. Titus vs Stardust, too
  17. Did Darren and Acension drop off the face of the earth?
  18. Darren is in the hospital, reasons are not known yet.

    And The Ascension, well, everyone gave up on them.
  19. Sucks for him as for Konor and Viktor, back to NXT lol
  20. Given how predictable things are these days in the WWE (aside from everything else, as in boring, shitty etc), I don't really expect any mind blowing suprises in this upcoming PPV.

    Now, for the most part everything seems to have been built (whatever build-up anyway) in a way that most current champions will retain one way or another.

    - Does anyone expect Sheamus to drop the title so soon? Having just formed the League of Nations and since, as expected, they will interfere in order to help Sheamus, it would make no sense whatsoever not to mention the TLC PPV is not the place and time to crown Roman Reigns.

    - Does anyone expect Charlotte not to retain? With Ric Flair in the scene all of a sudden and this kind of like father like daughter that I feel is being pushed, the answer is pretty obvious, isn't it?

    - Does anyone expect New Day not to retain? Pretty straightforward answer: hell no. They got a good thing going, everyone knows it and there's no chance they getting stripped any time soon.

    - Does anyone expect ADR not to retain? Ok, Swagger will get close and Zeb will surely play his part (perhaps will interfere and look as if he will try to help Swagger only to eventually cost him the match) but in the end I can't see Del Rio losing. Besided, John Cena's return is expected soon anyway and I guess the idea is for ADR to keep the belt till then.

    So, could this PPV go without at least one title change? Well, my answer in the prediction contest to this question was "1" and given the above, the only one that I can see happening is KO losing to Ambrose. Out of all title matches, this is the only one that really stands out as a possibility. For one, Ambrose definetely deserves to finally win the big one and then I think that freeing up Kevin Owens would mean the WWE will have him available in order to build a nice feud for Mania. Maybe with Brock? Just saying...

    Other then that, the Wayatts should come out strong this time. They just can't have them lose another PPV match and quite frankly this should be (I would assume) the obligation of team ECW, thus putting the new guys over.

    Ryback vs Rusev is rather indifferent but it would make sense that Rusev wins; gotta keep the members of League of Nations look strong these days...

    Well, let's hope that this time it won't be 3 hours of crap. I mean, it can't get any worse then Survivor Series last month, can it?
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