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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Prizes:

    1st place - $1500 forum cash
    2nd place - $750 forum cash
    3rd place - $500 forum cash
  3. For Sheamus vs Reigns and New Day vs Uso vs Luchas those are ladder matches and Wyatts vs Dudleyz are table matches so for a predicted winner should we just but by pinfall??
  4. I guess so, just using a default template here.
  5. Also for titles changing hands there is isn't 0 for an answer so should we just leave that blank?
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  6. oops, 1 moment
  7. Fixed.
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  8. New Day
    The Wyatts
    Del Rio
    0 title changes
    Yes for interference shenanigans
    22 minute main event
  9. Done!

    Come at me, #1 prize. :rollins3:
  10. Usos
    Dean Ambrose
  11. where dey at where dey at doe
  12. In my possession. I've won all three prizes. :woohoo:
  13. Did u predict Ambrose winning the IC title? That match was the fuckin deal breaker, everything else was so predictable.
  14. I did get Ambrose winning, but I didn't get the way he was winning. I put Ambrose winning via DQ/count-out 'cause that's how I legit thought it was gonna go down.
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  15. On this tonight if I get a chance, tomorrow if not.
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  17. I knew I'd win, baybay! :woohoo::success:
  18. Uhm, with no offense intended (congrats of course to the winners) I think I'm a bit confused cause I figured I might have earned a spot in the top 3 places having 100% on my picks for every match, including the way of winning and the question as to how many title changes their would be.

    Again, no offense intended and perhaps I may have misunderstood something (in which case I apologize) but it just came as a surpise to me, that's all.

    Anyways, once more, congrats to the winners...
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