TLC WWE TLC: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Becky Lynch

  2. Alexa Bliss

  1. [​IMG]

    What's your thoughts? Who takes this?
    Becky Lynch is an underwhelming champion who gets little reaction, whereas Bliss is gaining popularity every week it seems. I got Alexa Bliss winning this clean.
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  2. I'm going with Becky. is this a TLC match or a regular?
  3. I'm hoping for it to be a ladder match and, I have Alexa Bliss ftw! I would love to see a Twisted Bliss off the ladder!
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  4. It's a regular match AOTM. They might change it on SD, though.
  5. I want Becky to win just because I feel she needs to hold on to the title for a little longer, but I also wouldn't mind Alexa winning.
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  6. Alexa Bliss!
    She's great all around. In ring, mic, promos, looks (exceeds in this department lol)

    And a ladder match would be great between these 2
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  7. If Nikki and Carmella can get a gimmick match for a title-less feud why can't the actual title feud get one? There's still time for a stipulation to be added, a TLC match would be too excessive, a ladder match could go very wrong...what about a cage? I digress. I think Bliss is going to become the second ever SDLive Women's champion come TLC.
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  8. So...I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what I want to see...and it's not
    because I dislike Becky Lynch...Becky is amazing...but I see her true potential
    being explored by her taking a different path (I'm working on an article about
    said different path...more on that at a later date) but... Alexa Bliss is like my
    favourite at the moment. She's just so amazing at everything...the mic skills,
    the facial expressions, the ring skills, the perfect way she plays the bitch...
    I don't really know why... But I just love her.

    The way she has risen from NXT to SmackDown Live improving in leaps and
    bounds has been nothing short of amazing...and the way she has dominated
    Becky in this feud would indicate that time is up for the Irish Lass Kicker.

    In saying that...Becky has been booked very poorly as Champion and her
    injury did not help her cause. It is a shame because Becky deserves better.

    In my personal opinion...this should be a ladder match... as is would seem only
    fair that Alexa & Becky get the same chance that Charlotte & Sasha did to make
    some history for women's wrestling.

    Even if it isn't made into a ladder match...I so pumped for this fight...And I'll
    be gunning for the Beautiful Bitch BIiss to win her first championship at TLC.
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  9. MAKE THIS A FREAKING TLC MATCH you want Raw and Smackdown women to compete against each other? You want Smackdown to counter Raw's HIAC women's match? NOW IS THE CHANCE SMACKDOWN, DO IT.
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  10. They will likely make it a tables match. The usual set up for TLC is a Chairs, a Tables, a Ladder and a TLC match and they've filled every role except Table. If they gimmick the tables to break with less weight I don't see how it could go wrong, its less risky than a ladder or TLC match while also being a step forward for the division.

    I don't understand your comment on Becky Lynch having little reaction and Alexa gaining popularity, I don't think we're watching the same show Solidus. Becky Lynch's reign has been underwhelming mainly due to her being sidelined with a medical issue, their match on Smackdown was great (Though I would say a big chunk was cut for commercials on TV as opposed to being in attendance like me). I see Alexa Bliss gaining popularity online sure but she's always been popular because to the IWC any female who is attractive is popular, not to diminish Alexa Bliss as she's good in ring and a great promo but in terms of crowd reactions its very much in favour of Becky Lynch with Alexa getting booed which is exactly what you would want.

    People underestimate how popular Becky Lynch actually is, even online. /r/SC is a freaking mine field when it comes to her (Example: Bryan Alvarez said that Kevin Dunn didn't like her accent and /r/SC turned this into Dunn is taking the belt from her and cutting her TV/Promo time so he is public enemy No. 1 over there.) and Twitter she has her die hard fans but when it comes to even crowd reactions she definitely gets the best on the Smackdown Live Women's roster, I'd say she's on par with Sasha banks for reactions which is a positive.

    I'd go with Lynch winning this one as I don't see them making her drop the title with no clean defences but thinking Alexa will win clean is probably the least likely outcome. The best case scenario would be a Tables match with Lynch winning where this gives Lynch her title defence but also protects Alexa for a future title feud, the SDL Womens division is too bare for them to make Alexa or Becky lose clean tapout or pinfall.
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  11. I didn't even think about a tables match happening at a PPV named Tables,Ladders and Chairs...anyway, I like the idea. It protects them both regardless who wins and we get a good (and historic I guess) tables match. The only worry there would be the tables themselves as you mentioned, Maffew would have a field day. Hopefully WWE books it come Tuesday.

    Becky Lynch is a Goddess in the eyes of a surprisingly large amount of fans. She can do no wrong-- seriously it's almost insane how over she is.
  12. Its just kind of the way some Wrestling fans are. Usually you'll find two types of diehard fans for the women, guys on Reddit and the Total Divas style Roleplay twitter stuff. Both equally as weird. Its not limited to just with the women but with Womens Wrestling is turned up to 11. I'm all for the evolution of Womens Wrestling believe me, I've been watching the NXT matches and they are amazing but defending your favourite wrestler form any critique and feeling personally offended by stuff is really not going to bring the division further, if anything it sets it back when you can't talk about it openly and honestly.
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  13. ^Exactly...they are wrestlers and performers first...women second...

    Wow...I'm shocked...6 - 4 to Alexa in the votes...Go 5 Foot of Fury!!!

    I wouldn't mind a Tables long as they actually go through
    the tables...not bounce off them...try powerbombs ladies...they work.

    Although just the thought of Alexa hitting a Twisted Bliss on Becky Lynch
    driving her through a table...that would be a moment of brutal beauty.
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