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  1. It was announced on Monday’s WWE RAW from Long Island, New York that the main event of next month’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view will feature a historic Champion vs. Champion match.
    WWE Champion Randy Orton will face World Heavyweight champion John Cena in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.
    Although John Cena was pushing for both titles to be unified, and Stephanie McMahon did say that she and Triple H have considered the idea before – at this time, it does not appear that the two titles will be unified.’s official preview for Champion vs. Champion match reads:
    “Who will be left standing with both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships when the dust settles?”
    Already, our Twitter follows are suggesting that the match will end with John Cena grabbing the WWE Championship and Randy Orton grabbing the World Heavyweight title – with the two superstars essentially swapping titles. Comment below and tell us how you think this one will pan out.
    WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs takes place on Sunday, December 15.


    If that really do unified match WWE is fuck! That can't one World Champion. NEWER START WILL NEVER GET OVER! I hope that do it were both get the title that both own currently intead the idea there thing off.​
  2. Switching titles sounds dumber than unifying honestly hahahahah. Like really they realize Cena won the less important title so they're just gonna be like "Here, have the good one back again."
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  3. Are we in 2009 or 2013? You decide.

    Kinda bummed they're going towards unifying the titles since they're obviously keeping the new WWE title. I like the look of the WHC even if it's not as important.
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    It's definitely not a good move on WWE's part to unify the titles just yet anyways.
    Sure,the World title isn't as prestigious as it used to be,but, like you said it plays a part in the newer stars getting a rub.
    As for them essentially swapping titles for now,it would progress the storyline I suppose but I'm not too keen on it.
  5. In kayfabe, there's no reason not to unify the belts. Having one title meaning you're the best while 2 other meaningless belts saying you're "world champions" yet not as good as the WWE Champion is just confusing. Out of kayfabe, maybe they don't feel like they have to do fake title matches any more because if Orton wins this they can just put Cena on the other show and it won't make a damn bit of difference.

    I'm ignoring the whole "it gives new stars a rub" thing because WWE will just squander it if it was true.

    Don't want to see this match. I'm with everyone else in the world who says "Shouldn't we have moved on from this by now?". If Orton wins, will it really benefit him? Credibility isn't his problem, him being a relevant part of this storyline is. Cena can't win this since he has no interesting opponents.
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  6. I dunno, I'm excited for this match. Though, Cena's most likely walking out the winner. Maybe D-Bryan can work his way up, and challenge for the undisputed championships at WM? One can dream, right?
  7. I have a feeling their TLC bout is gonna be heavily contaminated and they'll keep this thing going firmly until WMXXX.
    Now,that's where the Royal Rumble winner plays a factor. It would make a triple threat match between the three and it's where the Royal Rumble winner could come out the victor.
  8. Daniel Bryan to win this year's RR.
  9. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are the two most probable picks in my opinion.
    Either one of those beating both Cena,and Orton to obtain the two titles at WMXXX would make for a way better outcome than Cena or Orton winning the titles.
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  10. If either Bryan or Punk went on to win both titles, I would mark like a little girl, and I'd mark soooo hard. Oh GAWD let this happen :yay:
  11. It's not a unification match. I can see Cena grabbing the WWE Title and Orton grabbing the World Title.
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  12. "Already, our Twitter follows are suggesting that the match will end with John Cena grabbing the WWE Championship and Randy Orton grabbing the World Heavyweight title – with the two superstars essentially swapping titles."

    I can totally see that ending happening. Not sure how I'd feel about it either because on one hand, Cena is a more important star than Orton and thus it makes more since for him to carry the more prestigious championship. On the other hand, Cena would do a better job than Orton would of making the World Heavyweight Championship seem like an equal to the WWE Title (which should be the whole point if they're not planning on unifying the titles yet.) It's hard to really judge because I don't know where any of this going heading into Mania, which is still months away.

    Part of me just wishes they'd unify the titles already and be done with it. Even if it means Randy Orton becomes the man after all this time to unify the two championships just to put him over more as the true 'face of the company.'

    Either way, I'm looking forward to the match. Thrilled it's not happening at Mania, and it's sure to be a better main event than Orton/Show was.
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  13. That'd be soooo stupid though. I can see that happening sadly. :yuno: Y U no unify titles McMahon
  14. I can see them still having a match at Wrestlemania to finally unify the titles. And since the WWE Championship is more important, they'll have Cena win.
  15. Cena's involvement has tainted and ruined this Authority storyline. It wasn't anything great to begin with, but, we all know how it's gonna end. Cena wins LOL :angry:
  16. Still feels like Bryan winning the RR and the belt is what they're building towards, and if this means Cena vs Orton vs Bryan main events Wrestlemania XXX with Bryan winning, how could you not love that? :yay:
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  18. If that happens I will be happypants. But I'll also seriously start considering if WWE are trying to replace Benoit with Bryan.
  19. I think HHH and Stephanie are going to spend the next 3 weeks questioning orton, making it look like they don't trust him, and then help him win both titles at TLC and make him the real face of the company. That will allow for the feud to continue as cena will be up against all of them until they can start figuring out what wrestlemania will entail.
  20. I think they'll both grab their current belts. No point in swapping as it will just confuse casual fans.

    Then they can unify them properly at the Rumble. If Cena wins that and Punk wins the Rumble match, there's your WM main event. Cena and Punk are probably the top two guys on the roster at the moment, they have great chemistry in the ring and on the mic. Despite their matches in the past, they've been kept apart almost all year long and they dynamics would be interesting with CM Punk now a face, as a opposed to the cowardly heel he was at the end of 2012 v Cena and Ryback. It would appeal to the entire fanbase.
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