News WWE to announce Female HOFer on RAW

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  1. While it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, there have been talks from the WWE that they are seeking to induct Alundra Blayze into the HOF, one can only assume this is who they will announce on RAW.
  2. Are they gonna induct Linda McMahon? They can then pull the card that she'll run for president too.
  3. Either Chyna or Beth Pheonix; and *that's* it!
  4. Good luck with that one.

    Would be pretty good to see Luna Vachon in there.
  5. Elizabeth makes sense w/ Savage

    or maybe Sable

    oh, I should read. Madusa? Surprising after she threw their belt in the trash on TV
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  6. Was wondering when they'd end up inducting her. Not too many relevant women left to induct, honestly. Elizabeth, Sable, Chyna.... anyone else?
  7. STEPH
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  8. If WWE is going to employ the very man that convinced her to drop the belt in the trash, why not induct the one who carried it out (She claims she didn't feel like it was right).

    Bull Nakano is one that comes to mind for female inductees. Ayako Hamada (Even though she isn't retired or dead) is another one that comes to mind. But I doubt a small time Japanese female wrestler will get inducted.
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