Rumor WWE to buy TNA for "Network Exclusive"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Don't freak out yet guys, it is only a rumor. :pity:

    Said reports.

    What do you guys think of this happening? Would you be more likely to watch TNA if it aired on the WWE Network?
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  2. Yeah, this is a rumor as Solid said. Since it is also rumored that Sinclair Broadcasting (the parent company of Ring of Honor) has placed a bid for TNA as well. And both these rumors stem from an interview with current TNA president Billy Corgan.

    So it could be that both Sinclair and WWE have placed bids for the financially struggling TNA, or it could just be made up by Corgan to create some buzz around TNA.
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  3. TNA is worth 40 million bucks? Maybe if you take away one zero and there's their price. :hhh2:
  4. [​IMG]

    I mean WWE buying TNA would be like...Krispy Kreme buying Dunkin Donuts.
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  5. Hunter cannot inherit the company from Vince until he buys up another territory. Thems the rules
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  6. Do not sleep on DD's maple bacon donuts.

    And is there any good talent in TNA left?
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  7. EC3, Lashley, Galloway
  8. Doesn't TNA still have Gail Kim as well? She is like one of the best women wrasslers
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  9. Oh I would actually like this tbh. I know it's a rumour but I think this way, TNA doesnt go bankrupt so... yay? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Not sure if I'd watch eitherway tbh, i'm now a PPV only watcher, that too I skip sometimes and find out what the results were.
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  10. I'd be so down for this but don't see it happening. Would certainly change a lottt of things that's for sure. Dudes like EC3, Sandow, Lashely, etc would technically be back under the WWE brand which would be quite humorous to me.
  11. Sooo no one?
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  12. Maybe we'll get a a TNA invasion angle :ohyeah:
  13. I'd actually be pretty happy with this. If WWE got TNA and added their tape library to the Network, that would be great for me. I have most of the IMPACT episodes from their run on Fox Sports on VHS and I have all the Spike TV episodes from the beginning up to the Hogan years on iTunes... but it would be the best chance I have to eventually see all of the weekly PPVs and I'd be open to seeing some of the other stuff I missed...

    Honestly, if WWE owned TNA, I would be more likely to give it a chance again. No Dixie, No Billy Corgan... maybe the ill will I have against them will go away.

    However, I'd be surprised if it's true. I think it would be more likely to follow a line like WCW and ECW... eventually fold and sell the tape library. We'll see though.
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  14. I'd also be happy with this. I also agree with the angle that TNA would have this "cross over" event that would be in line with how WCW/ECW invaded WWF/E.

    And to go along with it, would be the talent. EC3 on WWE television? YES!

    I see WWE buying TNA than Sinclair. Vince Mchanon would do anything in his power to acquire the competition so that another broadcast station wouldn't own it. Remember the rivalry between Ted Turner and Vince Mchanon? I don't see Vince trying that shit again.

    I see this going larger than WWE Network "exclusive" thing. I see this putting the TNA name on top of Smackdown to go in line with that whole WCW/ECW invasion storyline. They can do so goddamn much with this. However, I'm not holding faith for a cross-over success, based on how Vince treated the whole WCW acquisition/nWo invasion angle on WWE. WWE has a track record of fucking up storylines, so ehh.

    Look, I'm all for it. Give the brand the exposure it needs. Do it.
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  15. So by the end of the week, 2 things will happen.
    1: WWE buys TNA for the tape library and maybe signs a few guys and TNA's gone
    2: Billy Corgan wins his bid and completely rebrands the company and product
    Either way TNA's coming to an end soon.
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  16. I feel like things are happening and it is only making it appear to be the way they are making it seem, not the reality. Like it is just all a coincidence.
  17. On a side note, if Vince DID buy TNA, you think anyone would quit?
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