News WWE To Change Stable Name Due To Adult Website?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Submission Sorority:lol1:
  2. Well i mean it's common sense, put submission and sonority together into the internet and what kind of shit do you think you're going to find? This is a great laugh. :smirk2:
  3. I'd be surprised if 'The Submission Sisters' wasn't the name of a porn movie or video that was floating around out there somewhere as well.
  4. Submission Sisters sounds like my kind of movie.
  5. If only there was some way that someone within the company could have checked...
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  6. All of those names are horrible, why even name the stable? They are the one's staging a revolution, so why downplay the next round of NXT women brought up to to WWE? Will they be a NEW NEW REVOLUTION!?
  7. :ohyeah:: "The WWE is a PG environment where porn and profanity does not exist"
  8. Who cares? Don't be a limp wristed pussy WWE, remember what submission means in a wrestling context.
  9. Are the TNA executives flocking to wwe? Lmao
  10. WWE Reveals New Stable Name For Charlotte, Paige And Becky Lynch?

    It's funny, I used the PCB name to refer to Paige, Charlotte and Becky not too long ago and now WWE's used that as the stable's name.
    They are monitoring this place after all. :zayn:
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  11. Should just be team Wooo!
  12. Team PCP? What?
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  13. Yup, it's gotta be.
  14. First thing that came to mind, but drugs >> porn I suppose.
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  15. great minds.....
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  16. think about drugs and porn?:adr:
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  17. So who Google'd that name? :cesaro:
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  18. So...they just took the member's initials and made a nonsensical name?

    Gee, that's creative.
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